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A Guide To Organizing Your Sock Drawer

Sock drawers are undeniably one of the spaces in our wardrobes that tend to get messed up and overflow very often. While we believe our socks to take up little space and stay in place, these small pieces do just the opposite. It is important to organize those socks properly so that they are simply ready to grab whenever you need them.

Read on to know how to organize socks drawer efficiently in three key steps with multiple hacks on sock storage ideas.

1. Declutter

When your organized sock drawer is suddenly overflowing with socks and makes it hard for you to find an appropriate pair to wear—know that it is time to declutter.

  1. Empty the previously organized sock drawer completely.
  2. Segregate the components properly—old socks, new socks, random single socks etc.
  3. Lay them in front of you and remove all the socks that you no longer wear or need.
  4. You can either donate the pieces or repurpose them as rags or sweatbands.

According to Konmari method, you must get rid of all the pieces that no longer spark joy.               

2. Choose an Appropriate Folding Method and Stack Neatly

Now is the time to keep your selected socks back in the drawer. But before you do that, first start organizing a sock drawer, then decide the best method for folding your socks. Remember that whichever method you choose should be viable for you to carry out on a daily basis. Here are some of the methods you can go for.

  1. You can simply lay one sock over the other and roll them together from toes up. This is an extremely simple method but you need to be very careful with your drawer to keep them intact.
  2. A more effective method is military style where you start rolling the socks tightly together from the toes up. After reaching the top, pull the outer cuff behind, over the top and around the roll. Tuck in the rest.
  3. Another simple method involves flipping and tucking. Lay both socks on a flat surface. Take one cuff and flip it inside out over the other cuff.
  4. The square method, for us, is the best way to store socks in drawer. Lay your socks into a cross shape, heels facing up. Then fold the toe ends over before tucking them underneath. It’s a little complicated, but gets easier the more you practice!
  5. If everything else seems too much, simply put one sock inside the other to keep them together.

Finally place the beauties neatly in your drawer.

  • You can either stack them or keep them standing up based on which folding method you chose.
  • Another good hack is to organize them by length so that its easier for you to grab them on demand.
  • You can even order drawer separator or sock drawer organizer online. These are such brilliant pieces to keep your drawers organized without taking up a lot of your time or efforts.

3. Stick to The Method and Stay Organized

Staying organized is more important than the above two steps. Stick to your newly adopted strategies and avoid losing a sock. Moreover, this will help you maintain your sock drawer like a pro all the time.


  • How To Organise Socks
  • If you are someone with many different styles of socks, or if you're employing one large drawer with many items besides socks in it then pick up your scales and make divisions in your sock drawer to separate them. Else, simply use hooks in your wardrobe to keep your socks separately.

  • How To Fold Socks?
  • You can keep one sock over the other in opposite directions and roll them together from toes up.

  • How to fold socks into a ball?
  • Rolling socks into a ball is the easiest way to organise your sock drawer. Keep one sock within the other sock and start rolling the outer sock.

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