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8-12 Years Bear Kids Socks
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8-12 Years Alphabet Kids Socks
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2-4 Years Lion Kids Socks
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4-8 Years Zebra Kids Socks
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2-4 Years Penguin Kids Socks
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2-4 Years Crocodile Kids Socks
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2-4 Years Alphabet Kids Socks
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Ladybug Kids Socks 0-2 Years
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Caterpillar Kids Socks 0-2 Years
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Watermelon Kids Socks 0-2 Years
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Buy Fun Socks For Kids Online

The one thing that is common for all kids is that they love everything around them colorful, bright, and playful. Right from their clothes to shoes and socks, they need a fun element in everything they own. When it comes to socks, the right pair can lift up your kid’s cuteness quotient with every outfit. 

Every child has a unique preference, and the things they own are a reflection of that. From dinosaurs to lions or zebras to whales, every child has their own favorite animal. And similar goes for their choice of colours, patterns, cartoons, etc. 

Buy kids' socks online for your little cuties surely deserves tiny cute socks. And they can find their favourite animal socks for kids, kids socks online at Soxytoes because of the range of designs we offer. Every piece is made, especially for kids, with the desired fun and playfulness that kids are all about.

Unique & Cute Kids Socks Online In India

As a parent, we know that your top priority for kid clothing is the best quality of the fabric and then the desired design. Understanding the need, we never compromise on the quality of our socks. We invest proper time on each pair of socks to make it the best version out there for the best kid’s socks online.

Read to know how careful knitting and selected use of materials add to our socks' multiple benefits.

All socks for kids are made with pure and natural cotton.

To add to the comfort, our socks provide cushioned comfort. All pairs are padded throughout with thick and soft terry loops.

The natural combed cotton is carefully knitted, which ensures moisture absorption.

To provide that natural and comfortable fit, we add stretch spandex to each pair.

Socks can be easily torn with repeated use, especially with kids. Thus, the fine polyamide mesh plating gives strength and durability to a long-lasting pair of socks.

Toes are the most sensitive area of any socks. Due to added stretch, most socks end up with toe holes in no time. We use the Italian Rosso system for toe closing to improve durability.

Finally, these socks are washed with an eco-friendly bio-enzyme to make them feel buttery soft against the skin.

Buy Kids Socks Online: Quirky & Colourful Socks For Kids Online

From vibrant chickens to grizzly bears or fast cars to colorful alphabets, every cute thing has made its appearance on our cute socks for kids. Needless to say, bright hues are here to make your day much sunnier. Apart from the varied designs, we curate special gift boxes that all kids will love.

You can also check out oursock gift boxes and the best raksha bandhan gift collection is the best gift option.

Age Range for Kids Socks: Kids Socks Online 

You will find varied designs in three separate age ranges for all kids at Soxytoes. 

- 2-4 years

- 4-8 years

- 8-12 years

What Else Can You Find At Soxytoes?

We weave and deliver socks for every person out there. Men, women, or kids, we have something in store for everyone. With unique designs, we make sure that everyone has something to choose from.

Why Should You Buy From Soxytoes?

With an industry experience of 25+ years, we are proud to say that we specialize in our field and ensure our products' quality. By using 100% Indian raw material, we stay true to our roots. Not to forget the unique and funky designs, cute socks for kids that we stand for. Our mission is to give your feet the best experience as we realize the importance of care that they require. 

If you are looking to buy kids' socks in unique and cool designs for your kid's socks online or face masks for kids, you're at the right place!


1. What size sock does my child wear?

When it comes to children, picking up the right fit of socks becomes all the more essential because children usually won’t vocalise their discomforts.  The perfect pair of socks should hold up your child’s foot gently and correctly. Their heels should meet your child’s heel. If it’s too high, it might just be too loose for the little one. And if the heel happens to be underneath the child’s foot, it might be too tight for them. So make sure that they’re socks are fitting their feet the right way. Next, make sure that the sock material isn’t coming together anywhere. This is bound to happen when the child is putting on shoes, and that gets particularly uncomfortable later on. Finally, the socks should fit perfectly over your child’s toes.

2. Should kids wear socks all the time?

The biggest rumour in the socks world is that kids shouldn’t wear socks all the time, as that leads to various diseases. Well, let us burst this one out for you - it’s False! Kids can definitely wear socks all the time, however, they should be of the right fit. If they’re wearing clean and fitted socks, it actually protects them from bacterial and fungal infections that they might attain while roaming around barefoot. Moreover, socks provide comfort and warmth to children’s delicate skin, thus, enabling them to feel all the more comfortable all day long!

3. Are toddlers supposed to wear socks?

Socks form an important part of bringing up newborn babies. Toddlers skin is quite delicate and soft, thus, it becomes super important for parents to protect their feet while they’re learning to walk. Moreover, babies require their body temperature to be maintained. Thus, socks help in maintaining the right temperature for babies. Not only does it keep them comfortable and warm, but also protects their skin from harmful external substances that might cause their skin to run into an irritation. Moreover, when a toddler is learning to walk, and starts wearing shoes, socks help lessen the friction between their skin and the shoes, and also absorb the excess moisture, thus giving them a comfortable walk.