Performax Women's DriFit Socks


      Care for Your Feet on the Move With Soxytoes Performax Socks

      Have you ever been annoyed by socks that seem to retain sweat while you are showing your best moves on the field? Don’t let plain boring socks hold you back from being your best. We at Soxytoes are determined to give you the best experience of your game with quick-dry Athletic Sports Socks that are all you need to outshine your fellow opponents.  You will only be amazed by the ability of these athletic socks to instantly dry your feet, providing you with the solid grip you need to run across the field at top speed. Engineered to improve your performance while gymming, golfing, running, or any physical sport, these performax  - performance maximising socks are perfect for a game lover like you! So all the jocks in town can rejoice because you finally have a stylish pair of men’s sports socks you can intimidate your rivals with! Aptly designed to be low-cut and infused with everlasting freshness, these are the best running socks that will make sure your stinky feet are long forgotten. The unique combination of polyamide, cotton, and elastane fabrics makes them the best ankle socks for running. Buy these high-functioning sports socks for women online in fresh colours like black, yellow, orange, and pink, and elevate your sock drawer!

      Have Your Feet Feeling Better Than Ever With Soxytoes Socks 

      You can trust Soxytoes to come up with innovative socks in bold colours that make your life easier. Check out our collection of Casual Socks that will give you next-level comfort and help you express your quirky style. These cool men’s and women’s socks for everyday use are some of our bestselling pairs! If you are a sports lover, you cannot miss these Athletic Socks by Soxytoes that take care of your feet while you are busy giving your best. We also have something in store for your health needs. Our smart collection of Diabetic Socks provide diabetic patients with the best foot care, with proper blood circulation for their feet. For people with problems like varicose veins, we have come up with Compression Socks that are specially designed to prevent swelling, improve blood flow and give comfort to your feet for long journeys. Buy socks online in India from Soxytoes and fall in love with our eye-catching designs and fresh colours. 

      Why Soxytoes is Best Brand to Buy Socks Online

      Soxytoes is an Indian manufacturer of socks and has delivered quality socks for your comfort for 25 years! We maintain the same standard of excellence in all the socks we produce with unparalleled quality and a wide variety of socks and womens loungewear for all purposes. Our socks' exclusive designs and soft, sustainable fabrics will keep you coming back for more! Soxytoes is also known for its excellent customer service and hassle-free online buying. Check out our products and become a part of the Soxytoes world.


      1. What should I look for in Athletic Socks?

      Athletic socks should always be quick-dry, so you can run or play without worrying about slipping and falling. You should choose athletic socks that are infused with special fragrances that get rid of stinky smells while playing.

      2. How long should you keep Athletic Socks?

      A good pair of athletic socks should be durable and last comfortable for 6 months to a year, depending on your care.

      3. Do Sports Socks make a difference?

      Sports socks can make a world of difference, especially to people who have sweaty feet or work out for a longer time. They decrease moisture and friction, which helps you run faster.

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