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The Sock Talks: What Does It Say About You?

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What does the sock say? Socks are like a window into your soul, comfortable socks reflects your distinctiveness from others. What are you? A kid at heart, stoic and professional, full of passion, fun-loving!

Stylish socks tells everything about you. When it comes to good style, every guy knows the devil is in details. Your best quality socks should complement your overall intentional style. We have different socks for different seasons and from thick to thin, tall to short, there’s something to fit every purpose. Getting your socks wrong pulls the whole house down on your outfit.

Guys usually dress the way they do to either express their personality or fit in with their surroundings. Stylish socks for guys keep our feet on the ground, they keep our extremities warm and snug and punctuate our style alongside our shoes. Men’s trendy socks are a personal item of clothing, something we always put on at the start of the day and take off at the end. For this reason, men’s designer socks can say a lot about you – do you like snug ones, functional socks, muted tones, bright colours, novelty socks? There are so many choices these days, so much room for sock individualism! That’s what socks enable us to do, they enable us to smuggle some personalization into any outfit. Sneaky, and on occasion naughty, socks can remain well hidden, only to be revealed in more intimate settings.

So what are you? Find your own personality through the sock choices you make, to upgrade to better socks you can always subscribe to SoxyToes. Let’s see which socks fits you the best?

Sock Selection Traits: How to select socks

You have lost all sparkle of personality, how did you end up on SoxyToes anyway? If you’re here trying to learn and change your boring sock ways, we commend you for the effort! If you aren’t ready to go all the way by wearing crazy orange monkey socks, we can start you off slowly with some bamboo stripe socks. If you’re still not convinced to start wearing fun socks, we commend you for making it this far in the blog… that’s a step!

In the meantime, treat your feet to some high-quality socks with comfort roll-top socks, we have all the basic colours: white, black, grey, and blue socks.

Crazy Socks full of Graphics?

You are rebellious, intriguing, and successful! Studies show that people who wear fun socks are bold and refuse to let social standards drag them down. Forget the status quo, express your individuality, and wear no boring socks!

Whatever your sock choice, from classic bamboo stripes to cotton novelty socks, a full cool sock drawer of animals, food, and landmarks, we have it all! What do you think your stylish socks say about you? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!