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Under-The-Knee Revolution

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As of late, socks are stealing the limelight in the fashion industry. Whether you are already the funky socks type or are still toeing the classical line, so to speak, this post is for you. Why? Because Soxytoes has emerged as a brand in which we look for luxury fabrications and sophisticated patterns. We believe that socks can be coordinated with your overall look in any way. That said, the rule of thumb is that your socks should match the color of your trousers, the quintessential everyman’s sock is mid-calf length, perfect for professional ensembles as well as casual attire, and wool, the earliest yarn used in sock production, is still the best.

If you do not feel ready to wear loud colors and patterns, you can still use socks to brighten up your look. If you are wearing a clean palette of black, navy, grey or nude, spice it up with a solid pair of socks in a bright color or subtle pattern. However, when it comes to patterns for starters, it never hurts to stick with classic dots or stripes. Always remember to pick a color that ties back to some element of your outfit or has similar undertones. If statement-making socks are a go-to for you just choose from among our boldest models.

The days of having only one type of sock in your drawer are gone for SoxyToes provides a large variety of socks ranging from no-show for your Loafers to Argyle or dotted patterns to bring out your funky side. Your choice for socks should depend on the occasion and should complement your outfit. Therefore, it is important to stock up on all types of socks to keep you ready for every occasion so you never end up with a faux pas! Keep your options open and your choices deliberate. Do not just wear socks, make a statement.

As we consider socks to be a serious business at SoxyToes, our ankle-level product options are many. While some consider sock garters rather old-fashioned, they do serve their purpose, when needed, of keeping your socks in place. Additionally, they offer an intimate way to express your personality. Do you want to buy a pair of socks that suits your personality? Check for the best suiting pair for you at SoxyToes!