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10 Quirky Ways To Rock Your Socks Game

Only if you are living under a rock, a pair of socks would be just another clothing essential for you. But if you are one style savvy soul, you would know that your socks can do much more than keeping your feet warm or preventing them from getting sweaty. Yes, the socks stack in your wardrobe has had enough of boredom and it’s high time to kick it out. Well, if the idea of spicing up your look with your socks has just not gotten into you yet, check out these 10 cool and quirky ways to up your socks game and you will change your mind for sure. We bet you would want to try them all by the time you’d finish reading this piece. So, go on!

  1. Pass On Your Vibes


    Netflix & Chill Socks - Soxytoes
    Netflix and Chill Socks

Let the world know what your mood is like today through a pair of written socks. So whether you simply want to ‘Netflix and Chill’ today, you are game for some ‘Good Vibes’, or if you have your ‘Savage’ mode on, there is something for everyone out there. Just take your pick!

  1. Stripes, Dots And Color Block


    Stripes, Dots And Color Block
    Stripes, Dots And Color Block

As soon as this cool combination will peek out of your cigarette pants at work, you would be given the most stylish employee award for sure. With the right balance of neutral colors and peppy prints, you are sure to safeguard yourself from any kind of styling mistakes. So are you ready to ‘Ribbon and Roll’?

  1. Smell Good To Feel Good


    Perfumed Infused Socks - Soxytoes
    Perfumed Infused Socks

It’s now time to take your socks game a notch ahead with a pair of socks that not only looks good but also smells incredible. This ‘one of a kind’ style is one of the best gifts that you could give yourself. With perfumed-filled microcapsules embedded in them, these scented socks make you feel fresher and nicer all day long. What’s more? These ‘Perfume Infused’ socks retain their fragrance up to 12 washes! Good enough reason to grab at least one pair, isn’t it?

  1. Less Is More


    No Show Socks - Soxytoes
    No Show Socks

These ‘No Show’ beauties certainly deserve a spot in your socks drawer if you too are a believer of the ‘less is more’ mantra. While for most of the days, you can keep them hidden inside your loafers or sneakers, it would be fun to flaunt them a little on some days by teaming them up with a pair of sandals. Sounds fun, right?

  1. Mismatch To Catch The Attention


    Mismatch Socks - Soxytoes
    Mismatch Socks

Well, this might not be a styling invention but this clearly works well for the bold beauties who do not shy away from making some daring choices. So if you too are one of those, go ahead and don two different hues in each foot. But if you still are skeptical about it, pick this ‘Nerdy Birdy’ beauty that will let people know that you didn’t have a styling accident while dressing up.

  1. Monochrome Magic


    Monochrome Socks - Soxytoes
    Monochrome Socks

Here comes yet another cool way to embrace the ‘mismatch’ style that we just discussed! Add some seriousness to your look with this magical ‘Monochrome’ beauty, and let ‘geek’ be a ‘freak’ with an awesome taste!

  1. Fashionable Foodie


    Foodie Socks - Soxytoes
    Fashionable Foodie Socks

If food is the ultimate love of your life, it should reflect on your socks as well. Am I right or am I right? Be it a bowl of ‘Noodles’ or a couple of ‘Donuts’ that make you go weak in the knees, say it out loud with a funky pair. Feeling hungry already?

  1. Sexy Sins With ‘Soxy’ Sins


    Red Sexy Socks - Soxytoes
    Red Sexy Socks

Okay, ladies, we know how much you loved that pair of red stilettos that you saw at the shoe store’s rack. Well, if you stopped yourself from owning it only because it will hurt, here comes the remedy. A ravishing red beauty with black billiard balls print! Yes, it’s time to break the norms and make the combination of high heels and socks a style statement this season and become a trendsetter yourself.

  1. Party Mode On


    Party Socks - Soxytoes
    Party Socks

When the weekend vibes hit you hard, simply ‘Thank God It’s Friday’, grab a hard-hitting cocktail or shall we say a ‘Socktail’, and let the party begin. Come on people, it’s weekend after all!

  1. It’s Time To Set Some Lines And Angles Right


    Geometric Socks - Soxytoes
    Geometric Socks

You have tried the quirky prints, the wisdom of words, plenty of colors, and a lot more sassy styles already! So, it’s time to do the regular stuff in a slightly hatke manner. Fortunately for you, these sharp ‘Geometrics’ can do the job just the way you want. A perfect match for your formal trousers, don’t you agree?

Didn’t we tell you these styles will make you fall for them instantly? So what are you waiting for? Grab ‘em all and get set to ‘sock it up’!