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Diabetic Care Pack of 2 Socks - soxytoes
Diabetic Care Pack of 2 Socks
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Striped Khaki For Diabetics
Sale priceRs. 399.00
Striped Navy For Diabetics
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Striped Black For Diabetics
Sale priceRs. 399.00
Striped Grey For Diabetics
Sale priceRs. 399.00
Cascading Colours
Sale priceRs. 299.00
Diabetic Care Stripe Socks
Sale priceRs. 299.00
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Terribly Tribal Socks - soxytoes The Tribal | Crew Socks for Men
The Tribal | Crew Socks for Men
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Buy Striped Socks and Add a Hint of Fun to Your Everyday Outfit

Striped socks are a great way to add a bit of personality to any look. The way you style them determines your fashion sense, but generally, striped socks go along with all everyday outfits. If you have trouble deciding what colour socks to wear, stripes are the perfect option for you! Once you get comfortable with pattern mixing, these stylish socks for guys look fabulous on any suit or casual outfit. Check out the Soxytoes collection of pattern socks with stripes that will provide the perfect finishing touch for your outfits. Get them in all the vibrant colours you want like black, blue, beige and red! Have fun matching the funky stripes with your outfit and flaunting your style from Soxytoes! These super soft quality socks by Soxytoes are the best socks for everyday wear. Set yourself apart from the crowd with these trendy socks for guys that you can rock in a casual and an office setting too! Our collection of Diabetic Care Socks are also available in stripes, so your feet can breathe in the loose top and non-binding design, with a ventilation panel for air circulation.

Soxytoes has Fashionable Socks for Everyone!

Along with Striped and Diabetic Socks, you can choose Soxytoes for socks of all types and patterns! Our wide range of socks online for men and women are fit for all sock lovers. If you are a sports lover, we have cool Performax Athletic Socks in store for you that keep your feet fresh and dry during the sweatiest of games. Face your opponents confidently with these stylish and comfortable low cut socks. For those who face problems with foot circulation and varicose veins, we have designed special Compression socks that help your feet relax by providing pressure at various points and improve blood flow. The versatility of our socks is what makes us one of the best sock brands in India. Buy cool Casual Socks that add colour to your everyday life and help you achieve the next level of comfort while working. Don’t miss out on the latest trends with our super stylish New Arrivals collection!

Why Choose Soxytoes for Socks?

Soxytoes is an Indian manufacturer of socks and has been delivering quality socks for your comfort for 25 years! We maintain the same standard of excellence in all the socks we produce with unparalleled quality and a wide variety of socks for all purposes. Our socks' exclusive designs and soft, sustainable fabrics will keep you coming back for more! Soxytoes is also known for its great customer service and hassle-free online buying. Check out our products and become a part of the Soxytoes world.


1. What are the best non-slip socks?

The Performax collection of quick-dry athletic jock socks are best for providing grip and keeping your feet dry for all your high-performance activities.

2. What are the best socks for being on your feet all day?

The Soxytoes Lounging Socks with Grippers are the most comfortable socks that are designed to keep your feet relaxed during hectic workdays and travelling.

3. What are the most durable work socks?

The Soxytoes collection of Corporate Socks are best to flaunt your classic taste in fashion at work and last longer due to the durable and soft combed cotton fabric.