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Here’s How Your Favourite Celebrities Are Styling Their Masks

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With the ongoing pandemic (that no one can pinpoint when it will come to an end), masks have become the new essentials. While we have adapted ourselves to the “new normal” lifestyle, we wear masks everywhere, and face mask fashion has become a thing! From a quick grocery shopping to a grand family wedding, masks are not ready to spare us.

While it all began with everybody hoarding any possible mask they could find in a medical store; nowadays, masks are available at literally every shopping arena. From solid basic colours to glittery bright ones or designer face masks, you can get all kinds of face masks online, at a clothing store or even get it custom made with your outfit. 

Well, celebrities aren’t that far behind when it comes to flaunting their masks. They have gradually made us realize that the masks can amp up your style quotient. 

Here’s a list of your favourite celebrities who were spotted wearing quirky masks, showing us exactly how to feel super stylish while ensuring our safety.

Sonam Kapoor

When it comes to fashion, Sonam Kapoor never misses a chance to amaze us. In this picture, she shows us how to keep the blues away by keeping our safety in check without compromising style. We absolutely love this black stylish face mask with embellishments that she adorned with grace.

Sunny Leone

This bright yellow mask by Sunny Leone with minimal details is screaming cuteness! Rather than hiding away how gorgeous she is, this mask is indeed adding to Sunny’s style.

Neha Kakkar

Another fun mask was spotted on Neha as she paired it up with a floral dress. This blue mask with quirky prints is undoubtedly giving pretty chic vibes.

Priyanka Chopra

This newspaper print mask has the power to stand out and yet merge in. With black and white prints, this one is easy to style without sticking too much to the monotony.

Sara Ali Khan

We all love wearing ethnic outfits every now and then. And needless to say, Sara does it best. While she opted for a multi coloured kurti here, Sara’s mask is also giving quite the Indian vibes with magenta, golden and red stripes on white.

Another of Sara’s looks here, truly tells that she knows how to use her masks as an accessory. She opted for a very basic look, but dressed it up with a mask that complements her outfit beautifully.

Deepika Padukone

While prints and bright hues always hold our attention, solid colours with a signature quote have a long-lasting impact. In this picture, Deepika wore this black mask that says “Say It With Your Eyes”. And well, that is exactly what she’s doing here with her glam eye makeup. We are drooling over this look!

Kiara Advani

Here, Kiara shows you how to contrast your looks, the right way. With a solid green dress, she adds fun to her outfit by nothing but her mask! This floral mask looks very summery and very put together with this basic dress.

Wasn’t that a quick dose of style inspiration? So go ahead, buy a face mask online, and pair it up the right way as your beloved celebrities did!

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