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6 Times Bollywood Celebrities Made a Statement with Socks

Socks have long been used as a styling accessory both by men and women all around the world. They can go pretty well with any outfit if you style them the right way. Wear  long designer socks under your pants, or wear stylish socks them with skirts or dresses, wear fashion ankle socks under shoes or style them with heels, you can pair them up with basically anything you can think of. Create a unique statement with your socks just like many celebrities out there.

So let’s look at some of your favorite celebs in socks and take that much needed inspiration.

1. Priyanka Chopra

Just notice the combination of those socks with stelatoes.  Priyanka chopra socks make a good pair with heels when worn under a dress. This looks oh so classy and Priyanka is proving that by this look.

Trendy Socks2.

2. Karishma Kapoor

This woman has that much required sass and is always a step ahead when it comes to style. Look at this woman turning heads in the photoshoot with polka dot grey socks and silver heels. Notice karishma kapoor dressing style entire ensemble carefully and you’ll get inspiration on how to use the celebrity socks best for a formal look. Wear a shirt with a pencil skirt. Throw a blazer and finish off with socks and heels because you can’t always opt for shoes, right?

3. Alia Bhatt

This lady is known for her balanced looks with equal parts cuteness and sexiness. Her look is another classic example of how to amp up your style game by adding socks. The colour of her socks are complementing her outfit but still stand out with that quirky pattern.

4. Disha Patani

Looking for a sporty, casual and yet a sexy look? Then pay attention to this one. Disha is wearing a t-shirt dress with sneakers showing off her calf length socks. This look is cute, stylish and very easy to execute. Not to forget, this one is so comfortable as well! So next time you take out your t-shirt dress to be worn with sneakers, add in female celebrities socks and finish off with a broad smile just like her.

5. Hina Khan

Sheer socks with patterns are so chic and stylish and Hina Khan just proves that in this picture. She has opted for mostly mild colours here but you can add in your own favourites. A sheer socks is going to add that edgy element to your look without much effort.

6. Taapsee Pannu

She has not one, but many looks where she tells us that socks are much more than what we think of them. This is just a little accessory but it changes so much when added to an outfit.

I hope you  had a lot of inspiration to add socks to your ensemble. Keep in mind your own style and comfort, and style them your own way. If you still did not get enough inspo just look at these looks of Justin Trudeau where you can find him wearing distinctly patterned socks that are quirky and unique. And he is doing it all with formal wear. Imagine!!!

So without thinking more, get on to ideas of how you can make your outfit look better with a pair of socks!

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