Why Wearing Socks Is Good For You Even In Summers?

The sun goes easy and the socks come out! That’s what we have been doing for years, stacking our socks collection for the winters. Many of us aren’t used to putting those babies on during summers because of the obvious heat. But what’s the real purpose of socks? Let’s talk about that.

Why Do We Wear Socks?

One of the sole purposes of wearing socks is to keep your feet warm in winters. By protecting your feet from the cold, you prevent sickness for your whole body. However, that’s not the only purpose of socks in our lives. Socks come in multiple varieties, sizes, fabrics, and designs for a reason. Breathable materials like cotton are specifically used to design socks that can help you maintain your body hygiene during sunny days. There are wicking socks designed so you can exercise without worrying about your feet sweat in summer. Even designers have started including socks as an accessory in their spring-summer shows. So as long as you choose the right material for the right season, it is important that you pair your shoes with a set of socks.

Why Should You Wear Socks In Summers?

Wearing a pair of socks is equally essential in summers as it is in winter. Here’s why.

  • Socks keep your feet from the tan caused by summer heat.
  • They protect your feet from dust and pollution.
  • If you bought them in the right material, your socks are an accessory keeping you up with the trends. When paired with skirts, shoes and socks make you look cuter.
  • Cotton socks are breathable and they absorb the moisture from your feet in the summer which is good for hygiene.
  • On humid days, they protect the sweat from rubbing off on your clothes.
  • While exercising in summers, wicking socks drive the moisture away from the skin helping it breathe easily.
  • Wearing shoes without socks can cause multiple infections and harm your feet.
  • Wearing shoes without socks also leads to sweaty and smelly feet which means you’ll have to spend extra on odour spray.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Summer Socks

Shopping for summer socks will obviously be a different experience than when you buy winter socks. For winter socks, you pick fall colours, thicker fabrics, long, nothing too bright, more evening tones. For summer socks, all of this will change. We suggest, for summers, keep these basics in mind and you’re golden. Go for funkier designs, brighter colours, prefer cotton over other materials, and ankle-length sets, of course. Even better if they’re perfume-infused!     

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