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7 Different Types Of Socks You Must Know Before Buying Them

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Socks can easily be categorized as one of the most underrated clothing items. They are found in everyone’s wardrobes, but don’t get much attention they deserve. Did I go a little overboard? Well no! You’ll realize it too once you come to know that there are different styles of socks but we never really paid heed and bought or wore any pair of socks that we landed our eyes on. Because they would just be hidden in those boots or underneath those pants, is it? 

Well, no more!

Let’s look at the different types of socks and you’ll get the idea!

1. Slip-on socks (or no-show socks)

Slip-on socks or no show socks are a savior for every girl or guy who loves wearing their ballerinas, loafers or any low-cut shoes but couldn’t imagine the thought of slipping them on without a pair of socks. Stinking feet and shoe bites are a common problem with such shoes and slip-on socks are just the right fit. These are cotton socks and provide just the right amount of layering without you having to worry about the socks peeking out and ruining the whole look of your shoes.

No show socks

2. Ankle length socks (or low-cut socks)

Now, if you’re the kind of person who can carry and style the socks with your outfit with much ease, you must go with these socks. These socks can also go with low-cut shoes and loafers. So in order to prevent blisters in your feet and also don a sophisticated look, these are a must-have.

Ankle length socks

3. Calf-length Socks

These socks cover your entire calf-muscle. They come in different materials. Sheer or cotton material in such socks go really well for women wearing dresses. You can play with the colors and shift the entire look. Woolen material is specifically great to be worn under high length boots.

4. Health socks

The most popular kind of health socks are compression socks and socks for diabetics. Compression socks prevent feet from getting tired and also ease swelling in feet and ankles.

5. Athletic socks (or sports socks)

These are made up of a thick cotton fabric that helps to absorb perspiration from feet. They provide a good padding under your sports shoes and are in every which way better than your regular socks if you wish to play sports or head for jogging. Some athletic socks are engineered for high-performance and are made from quick-dry four way stretch fabric. These are great for gymming, running, jogging etc.

6. Cotton socks

 It’s not really necessary to emphasize that cotton is the best material to have a sock in. They are comfortable, good absorbent and also inexpensive.

7. Cool-printed socks

A must-have for your wardrobe? Totally! Try funky patterns, solid colors or cool prints like polka dots, geometric designs or stripes and go all out, be a little playful and style them your own way.Netflix print socks

So, guys and girls! It’s time to pay some attention to those socks in your closet. And if you don’t have the right ones, go and invest after you understand your style and your needs. But whatever you do, just don’t underestimate the power of that little piece of clothing that we all need. 

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