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Learn About Different Types Of Socks & When Should You Wear Them

Knowing that the primary purpose of socks is to keep you feeling warm and comfortable, you may quickly brush off the idea of choosing your socks wisely. Mostly, you buy socks online or from stores as a companion to your shoes but hold on, your choice styles of socks are more important than you realise. It’ll define the fate of your feet’ health for the entire season.

You may or may not have noticed, but different socks have different purposes, seasons, lengths, and looks. Hence, it is essential to choose them mindfully as if you don’t; you may end up with smelly feet, enlarged cracks, and calluses. Nobody wishes to be repellent or in pain while walking all the time. So, let’s learn a bit more about the types of socks and what would be the right time to wear them. 

Based On Occasion

These are chosen based on the occasion and the activity you’re heading for.

Dress socks

Made with lightweight fabric. Worn with formals like suits and tuxedos.

Casual Socks

Comfortable, everyday socks, worn with casuals.

Sport socks

Athletic socks are made breathable with spandex fiber for stretch. Worn while doing active tasks.

Work socks

Comfortable and durable. Worn at work for long hours.

Yoga socks

Has small dots at the heel area, anti-skid. Gives balance and stability during yoga sessions.

Winter Socks

Made of thick wool fibers for thermal insulation in winters.

Low cut running socks

Short socks with ribbed edges. Suitable for running.

Based On Length

These socks are defined by their length

Half socks

Socks covering just the toes and the mid arch of the foot.

Belly socks

Invisible, nude coloured socks to be worn under loafers or heels.

Anklet socks

Also called booties, these socks end after covering the ankle area.

Mid-calf socks

Socks that end between the ankle and the knee.

Crew length socks

Mid-calf length socks with ribbing on the edge.

Over-the-Calf socks

They end between the knee and the mid-calf.

Knee-high socks

They end just below the knee. Mostly worn by sportsmen and women.

Knee socks

These socks end right above the knee.

Over-the-knee socks

They end between the knee and mid-thigh.

Thigh-high socks

Socks that either end at the mid-thigh or go higher.

Based On Function

It helps you decide which socks to wear with your slippers, sandals, or shoes once you know its function.

Support socks

Over-the-calf length. A higher percentage of spandex for extra muscle support around the arch of the foot.

Diabetic socks

Designed to protect diabetic patients from cuts and bruises. Made of soft but thick cotton.

Boot socks

Made to be seen and protect the calf area with thick material.

Slipper socks

Similar to yoga socks but lengthier. To be worn indoors to prevent skidding.

Compression socks

Support socks for leg pain.

Loafer socks

Shorts socks which are not visible after wearing loafers.

Leg warmer socks

Woolen socks without the covering for feet. Designed to add extra layering from ankles to knees in winters.

Liner socks

Worn inside the regular socks to protect the skin moisture.

Anti-slip socks

It comes with a rubber sole to prevent slipping.

Waterproof socks

Made of waterproof material like rubber to prevent the feet during the rainy season.

Tab socks

Sports socks with an additional tab at back to prevent the shoes from rubbing on the skin.

Trouser socks

Lightweight, thigh-high socks to be worn under pants and skirts.


Decorative socks worn over socks to protect the footwear.

Based On Fabric

Fabric plays an important role in making you feel comfortable with the socks you’re wearing.

Novelty print socks

Printed socks with funky designs on them.

Novelty fabric socks

Socks with fancy fabrics on them like lace, faux fur, and so on.

Silicon foot protector socks

Made of soft silicon. Worn to protect a crack.

Hand made Socks

Hand knitted socks, mostly with classic or experimental patterns..

Based On Looks

These socks are separated by their shape.

Split-toe socks

They have separate space for the main toe and the other four.

Toe socks

Have a separation for each toe like hand gloves.

Half toe socks

Socks that have a separate space for the toe but it is open from the edge of the toe.

Toe-less socks

They have no covering for the toes. Worn during activities that don’t require shoes like dancing and yoga.

Tube socks

Similar to toe-less socks but without the heel area. Just one tube of socks fabric.


Cute ankle-length socks with a cuff on the top.


  • What socks to wear with shorts
  • You have many options like tube socks, invisible socks, pastel socks, colourful socks. They are almost always the best option when it comes to wearing shorts.

  • What type of socks to wear with boots?
  • I would suggest you try these socks like - crew socks, tall socks, ankle socks & no show socks. These are the perfect kind of socks to wear with boots.

  • What color socks to wear?
  • Easily choose the color: the color of your sock should match the color of your trousers. Meaning wearing blue socks with blue trousers, gray socks with charcoal trousers, black socks together with your black jeans, and so on.