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6 Designer Socks To Gift Your Fave Girls If They Enjoy Food & Warmth More Than Makeup!

Here’s Why Socks Are One Of The Greatest Gift You Can Give Someone! Reading 6 Designer Socks To Gift Your Fave Girls If They Enjoy Food & Warmth More Than Makeup! 3 minutes Next Learn About Different Types Of Socks & When Should You Wear Them

Choosing a gift for all the amazing girls in your life might seem like a challenge to you but if you know them really well, gift selection isn’t a big problem. However, if you are still confused, we have an amazing idea. ‘Girls don’t like food,’ it’s a myth. The fact is that girls love food in all its glory, they just hope that it doesn’t affect their health negatively. So if your girl is a food lover, a reminder of her liking and personality would make a great gift for her. 

Trendy Socks As A Gift For The Girls In Your Life Who Love Food

There were times when people used to not consider socks a gift but since designers and brands have started producing more relatable designer socks, a buyer’s perspective has changed. Giving a pair of socks that personally relate to your friend is a rather touching, caring and warm gesture. So here are some of our designer pairs for the beautiful girls in the house who enjoy food and deserve nothing but the best.

Pizza Is Bae Socks

Price: Rs 199

Who doesn’t like pizza? These low cut ankle pizza socks are comfortable and committed to keeping her feet fresh and dry. The best part is that black and red colour combo successfully compliments any shoe colour and outfit. These food-based socks are definitely the most trendy socks in town.

Hold My Avocado Socks

Price: Rs 249

If she loves nutritious foods and can make anything out of fruits like avocado, she would love nothing more than this pair of avocado socks. Its appealing colour and ‘in love with healthy food’ message is loud and clear. 

Mac & Cheese Socks

Price: Rs 249

No one can say no to a juicy bowl of mac and cheese! These grey and yellow low ankle cut quirky socks are perfect for someone who enjoys cheese, is a bit subtle in nature. The colour combination creates a beautiful balance for someone who is funky yet classy. 

Donut Worry Socks

Price: Rs 199

Does she have a sweet tooth? Even if she doesn’t, she’ll adore this dessert-packed pink socks. This pair of low ankle cut Donut Worry Socks has a very delicate vibe and will go so well with her day dresses. 

Movie Night Socks

Price: Rs 199

Have a movie night surprise planned for her? Butter it up with these yellow and red popcorn socks. They are so comfortable on the skin and the colour combination gives it a playful touch. Not to forget, how well it will go with her movie night pajamas.  

Socktail Socks

Price: Rs 199

For the one who loves cocktails, try a socktail! The winter shade of purple and green is a unique yet charming combo so make sure you gift it to someone with a unique taste. If your friend is someone who is into quirky things then this quirky socks is the perfect gift.

Feel free to gift these fun socks for women and to all the special girls in your life, be it your friend, girlfriend or sister. They’ll love the warm, fuzzy and funky vibe!