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5 Ways To Keep It Classy With Those Socks-For Men

Do you pay ample attention to the kind of socks you wear or you’re one of those who consider socks as just trivial clothing items that are meant to be hidden underneath your shoes or pants? And if you indeed are one of those falling in the latter category, then I’m sure you must’ve landed in some embarrassing situations once, twice or maybe even more times!

So let’s just look at some of the ways to put a little thought into how to wear those classy socks for men and look polished as well as put together.

1. Give enough attention to your socks in accordance with the whole ensemble

Just imagine wearing that well ironed and sophisticated black suit with perfectly shiny favourite formal shoes of yours. Not a strand of your hair is out of place and even your belt is complementing the whole outfit. But the moment you sit down and your pants reveal the slightest of the pair of socks you’re wearing underneath, something just seems out of order!

Black Stripe Socks

What to do then? Well the easiest way is to match your socks with your attire. You can even be a little playful and try your own style. Don’t be afraid to wear contrasting coloured or patterned socks as long as it complements the complete outfit.

Tip: Match your socks with the colour of your neck wear or pocket square if you’re wearing one!

2. Select good quality fabric

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I know what you must be thinking right now—everyone is well aware of this fact! Well I know, I know. But it is still something that must be emphasised. The fabric of socks not only determines the comfort you’ll get but will also give you a certain confidence. Also, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune to get good quality socks. As long as the socks feel light, fit well and are comfortable enough that your feet thank you for them, you’re good to invest. Breathable cotton with stretch spandex is a great material to opt for.

3. Different socks for different occasions

Socks For Him/Her

Yes! There are socks that go with your formal wear and there are different types of socks that go with your sports or gym wear, or for when you travel. Socks for sports or gym wear are generally referred to as athletic socks and are available both in thick cotton and high-performance quick-dry fabrics. Travel socks are great for when you’re travelling and need to wear socks for longer periods, walk more than usual and sometimes go without regular laundry services. Also, the patterns depend on where you would wear them. So, when you buy a pair of socks the next time, just keep in mind what you’re buying them for.

4. Length of the sock is equally important

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It actually depends on the kind of shoes you’re wearing. Opt for ankle-length socks for loafers or low-cut shoes. For all other kinds, it is great to go with crew-length.

5. Play with colours and patterns and get noticed!

Go funky, wear solid colours, patterns or stripes. Wear captioned socks or go with interesting motifs. Don’t hesitate to stand out and get noticed! Just understand your own style. Look out and you’ll surely find the right sock for yourself.

 Black Stripe Socks

So guys, I hope you get the point here. It really is essential to put a little thought into the kind of sock you’re wearing. The whole hour that you spent on grooming yourself up will just go down the drain if you go wrong with that little item of clothing you didn’t even bother about so much!

Just understand your style, your needs and go for it.

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