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Five Great Tips To Avoid Losing Your Pair Of Socks

Have socks started to vanish mysteriously, leaving you with just one loner? There must have been so many times when you dressed up entirely with a crisp shirt and pant, but somehow couldn’t find your other pair of socks. We feel your pain! Stay safe by following these tips to avoid losing your socks.

Tip #1: Pin your socks together while washing

You can use a safety pin or a paper clip to keep your socks together while cleaning them. Alternatively, turn your socks inside one another to make it into a sleeve. They won’t float apart and get lost in the tumble. At the end of the laundry, you will still have a pair of socks with you.

Tip #2: Keep your socks separately in a laundry bag

It is no secret that the socks get tangled up with other clothes during the laundry. It invariably ends up being misplaced in some corner. You can avoid this by organizing socks in one single laundry bag. You can easily find your socks instead of having to check the pile of clothes for that tiny piece of fabric.

Tip #3: Set up a drawer for orphaned socks

You would end up losing one or the other sock despite your best efforts. Instead of leaving an orphan sock, you can organise socks in a drawer when you find a loner. When the other sole mate of the sock turns up eventually, you can retrieve it from the drawer. This system of organisation is excellent for storing socks to bid their time until their other half appears from an unexpected location.

Tip #4: Invest in a sock organiser

If you are facing trouble in organising them, it is a great choice to invest in a sock organiser with sections. You can first learn how to fold socks into different hollows, and retrieve them at your convenience. Roll them up into tiny bundles and place them neatly in the segments.

Tip #5: Arrange your socks with edges visible

The common mistake that most people do is to fold socks and place them in a way that the pattern is not visible. As a result, you might not be able to find the socks even if it is right in front of your eyes. You can avoid this by folding your socks in a way that the edges peek out. Arrange the socks with the sides visible in cascading order. This method helps you select the right pair at one glance in your morning hurry.


Even if it might appear as a headache to follow these tips, you will feel glad when you find your socks in time. So, invest in a sock organizer and get ready to make the appearance of the washing machine eating your socks for a snack, a history!