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Stock up the stockings for Summer Wardrobe

The summer is around the corner with decent heat and its fair share of fun. Vacation times are on a full swing, and there are so many things to do, but very little time to prepare well. Stocking up for the wardrobe seems to be a chore. Yet, you have got a fresh pair of T-shirts, casuals, shorts and denim. But have you stocked up on your stockings or summer socks till now? Here are some essential items that you must have in your wardrobe this summer.

Essential #1: Breathable, thin cotton socks

Summer socks are cotton socks with breathability are an absolute must-have in the summer. Unless you want your feet to get mouldy, wear it with dress shoes during the formal events. Dress shoes make your feet feel uncomfortable with its stuffiness. These socks help your feet breathe in the humid weather when the Sun is making your life miserable.

Essential #2: White socks

White colour reflects the rays of the Sun. If you are planning to walk in the Sun or some hot area, wearing white coloured socks, help you deflect the heat permeating through the clothes. Invest in white socks to get quality comfort.

Essential #3: Wicking socks


Wicking socks are made from synthetic materials and are helpful in absorbing moisture from the feet. If your soles are sweating, it is better to trap them in stockings instead of letting it damage your shoes. Get wicking socks to have hygienic feet and shoes.

Essential #4: Bright Colour Socks


You will find several reasons to remove shoes this summer. Be it some random get together with friends and family, or functions, you will be wearing socks indoors. Stock up on a wide range of colours to pair up your fashionable clothes with your summer socks. Carry off contrast or matching looks with your feet.

Essential #5: Patterned socks


Heading out to the beach? You will want to make heads turn when you are lying down, getting a healthy tan or playing volleyball. There is no better way to do that without drawing attention to your fashion style. Wear patterned socks with its quirks to create ripples in the summer fashion community.

Essential #6: No show socks


Wearing shorts in summer becomes a necessity with the heat wearing you out. Do not compromise on your fashion by investing in No Show socks that come up just to the ankle. Stay classy and stylish even in the heat, by avoiding a visible sock line when your calves are visible.

Essential #7: Polyester socks

Get some polyester socks to wear when you go to the beach. It dries quickly and helps your feet stay fresh. Play around in the calm water without worrying about the lasting wetness. But stay protected from the harsh rays of the Sun.

Stock up your wardrobe with these summer essentials as soon as you can! Avoid smelly shoes and trousers this summer, by letting your socks absorb unholy sweat from your feet. Party hard and have fun outdoors this summer.