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Tips to Ensure Your Socks Don’t Clash with Your Outfit

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Sock fashion has lately become very popular. You would easily find yourself paying more attention to someone’s trendy socks than their outfit, without even realizing it. Celebrities are spot wearing bright, funky and cool socks all the time. And it makes it all the more desirable for us to  buy socks online

But how can we style our socks and create a statement with them? Gone is the time when socks used to be an unnoticeable piece of clothing. If done the right way, socks can redefine your outfit in every imaginable way!

Read on to find some tips to match your socks with your outfit and never land in a dilemma again.  

1. Alternate Patterns To Be Avoided

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It’s fun to play with patterns socks if you like bright and blingy looks. But it is also the easiest way to go wrong while styling your outfit. So, if you wish to wear funky socks, just make sure that the pattern of your pants isn’t clashing with them.

2. Use Your Socks To Make a Statement With a Basic Look

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A basic or tonal outfit always looks very classy. But who said that it can’t be made more playful without taking away the sophistication? For example, an all-navy-blue suit can be paired with bright orange or yellow socks. Even funky patterns socks here would only add to the fun.

3. Wear Similar Coloured Socks and Tie/Pocket Square

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If you go by the rules, there can’t be anything better than this. When in doubt, just pick best socks for everyday wear that match your tie and pocket square. And by that, we don’t mean to match them exactly. Tonal colours and patterns work just fine. But make sure that the base colour is the same. It will immediately bring together your entire look effortlessly.

4. Always Maintain The Balance

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If you think your outfit is already bright or funky, it is better to mute it a little with your cool socks. Also, pay attention to the shoes you will wear your outfit. Pick a solid basic colour that will best complement your look.

5. Keep It Occasion Friendly

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If you are headed to a formal meeting or wedding and wear your classic black suit, it is best to avoid a crazy pair of socks. And by that, we are not telling you to wear your white or grey comfortable socks. You can still rock colours here. Just make sure that your best socks in the world do not overpower the outfit.

6. Match Pants With Socks

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Another great rule in the world of socks is to match them with your pants. It is also a foolproof method to never go wrong. By matching your best quality socks with pants, you can mute the transition around your ankles. This is best for formal gatherings.

7. Go Tonal

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Well, another foolproof technique is here. Tonal outfits do not look boring but in fact, make a statement. The same goes for your choice of socks. A grey suit will look great with dark grey socks or light brown socks with dark brown shoes.

The next time you find yourself in a dilemma, think of these tips, find the perfect fit for you and slay the streets. Go buy socks online and don’t settle with just basic or boring. You’ll find some really awesome socks at the best online sock store. So this time, let your socks do the talking!