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Best Ways To Pair Socks With All Your Brown Shoes

Brown is the colour of Earth that represents comfort and nurturing. It is the colour that boasts of reliability, dependability and stability. It is masculine and yet so feminine. It can be powerful and it can be laidback as well. It can be neutral and it can be upbeat. There is so much that brown speaks of and that is why it’s a colour that can go with anything and everything.


Speaking in terms of fashion, it seems as if brown can fit everywhere and yet is spoken so less about. From bags to belts to wallets and shoes, brown is universal and every closet is incomplete without it. And men are sure to have brown shoes in their wardrobe—be it the formal dress shoes, grungy boots or basic loafers.

But as much as wearing brown shoes seem simple, it turns out to be somewhat tricky to understand what socks to pair them up with. Brown shoes are basic—yes—but that doesn’t really mean that your socks need to be basic too. Let’s look at some classic combinations of colourful socks and printed socks for men with brown shoes.

1. Brown shoes and black socks

This is one gentleman classic pairing. It is safe and it can never go wrong. You can obviously deviate from solid black and add in the ones with stripes or patterns to keep it basic yet appealing.

Note: Black socks don’t always work in casual settings.

2. Brown shoes with socks matching your pants

Another safe trick is to match the socks with the colour of your pants in a formal look and let shoes do all the talking. All shades of brown will rock this.

3. Brown shoes with blue socks

Now this is one look that is surely going to turn all eyes. Believe me, you can never ever go wrong with this one and this is not basic or boring at all too. From royal to dark, every blue makes a perfect match with brown shoes, be them leather, suede, casual or formal.

Don’t refrain from trying all kinds of patterned or striped socks, although the solid ones will serve the purpose too.

4. Dark brown shoes with grey socks

Now grey is one such go to colour when it comes to socks. And you can definitely pair these with dark coloured socks such as mocha or chocolate brown for your official meetings.

5. Dark brown shoes with maroon socks

It is another classic combination. If you remember the colour of Gryffindor scarves from Harry Potter; that is exactly the colour I’m talking about. And, if you get ones with mustard print or stripes, then even better.

6. Gingerbread/caramel brown shoes with funky coloured socks

These hues of brown can easily be paired with dark coloured jeans or pants while giving you an effortlessly stylish look. But with the earthy and basic tone of this combination, it’s best to amp up the look with funky and colourful socks.


If you’re not in for too much experimentation, then get quirky socks that have a splash of brown in them to blend in and yet stand out.

Don’t be afraid to try the same while dressing up for a formal look. With the overall basic ensemble, your socks will make you stand out with just enough amount of colour.



  • Avoid wearing plain white socks under formal pants.
  • Match the shade of your brown shoe with your belt for a put-together look.
  • For casual gatherings, try to keep the socks fun and playful.
  • For official but lighthearted meetings, you can add in some colour by matching your socks with your tie.
  • Avoid black socks for casual gatherings.
  • Add in colours whenever and wherever you can.

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