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Nine Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid While Wearing Socks

You might be dressed impeccably for every occasion. With a huge wardrobe, you probably believe that you will never go wrong with your choices of clothes. But have you been paying attention to your feet? Are you one of those who think that socks are just socks?

 No Show Socks

The socks you pair up with your footwear is critical. Pair your shoes or sneakers with wrong socks, and you end up making a major fashion blunder. Are you looking to carry off your appearance in style? Read ahead to know the nine common mistakes that happen usually, and ways to avoid them by selecting the right coloured socks and the right socks lengths.

#Mistake 1: Sticking to shades of black during functions

Black seems to be the safest choice most of the times. But it is a colossal mistake to wear socks in shades of black, as they do not go well with many attire and footwear combinations.

#Mistake 2: White socks in formal or casual wear

White socks are strictly meant only for gym and sports. Avoid white colour socks on other occasions, and experiment with variety.

#Mistake 3: Wrong colour coordination with pants

You might think that no one is paying attention to your socks. But then, the wrong combination will make fashionistas judge you. Stick to the colour wheel, and pair up the right coloured socks with your pants.

#Mistake 4: Uneven length of socks with your footwear

The golden rule is to wear invisible socks with loafers, ankle-length socks with sneakers or sports/canvas shoes, and long socks with Derbys or dress shoes. Please stick to the right socks lengths, and wear them in style.

#Mistake 5: No-show or short socks with formals

Do not show your ankles in formals. Too short socks show flesh when your pants are lifted while you are sitting down. Stay classy by avoiding short length socks in formal attire.

#Mistake 6: Visible socks with shorts

No one wants to see your socks when you are in shorts. Visible line of socks ruins the fresh party goer look. Be cool and chic with invisible or no-show socks.

#Mistake 7: Sports socks with dress shoes

Thick ribbed socks end up making your dress shoes look bulky. The last thing you would want is your feet to look like some bulked up material. Stick to thin dress socks with dress shoes.

#Mistake 8: Thin socks during sport events

The thickness of socks material matters a lot in appearance. Avoid thin socks in sports events, as they get worn out easily during stressful activities, and end up looking ugly. The dirt also gets in quickly and ruins the appeal of your legs.

#Mistake 9: Rolling or Folding socks

Socks are never meant to be rolled up or folded. They not only look off the chart but also look bulgy in your pants. Pull them up and flaunt them.


Avoid these mistakes, and become a sock ninja in your own right. Carry off sophistication and elegance with the right choice of socks.

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