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Why It Is Important To Wear Socks To Bed

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If you have restless nights trying to catch sleep that keeps avoiding you, you are most probably not comfortable enough while sleeping. If you have ever wondered, “why do feet get cold at night?” you are not alone. Well, the answer was pretty simple all along. When the temperature outside drops, which is common at night, the body tries to keep your core warm while turning its back on your extremities like hands and feet. This means that there is poor circulation towards these areas, and they need to be kept warm. Enter the hero of this story, good old socks! The importance of wearing socks to bed cannot be stressed enough, especially for women and older people, who commonly have cold feet at night. Especially when you have such funky designs of socks available at Soxytoes, anybody would be excited to try out their new pair. 

How To Keep Feet Warm When You Go To Sleep

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Everybody loves a good night’s sleep, and for the hard work you do all day, you deserve it too. But what makes your sleep even better and more comfortable is wearing super comfy socks before you tuck yourself in for the night. It may sound like a tiny thing to do, but it has proven to give immense benefits. Sleeping with socks improves circulation in your feet, which also helps maintain the temperature of your body. Socks also help the body fall asleep because warming up your feet sends a message to your brain that your body is now ready for bedtime, leading to a peaceful sleep. Getting good sleep is the most crucial factor as it helps get your body prepared for the next day and gives some much-needed rest. And that is why Soxytoes advises you to be comfy and flaunt your stylish socks even when no one is watching. 

Wearing Socks Helps In Regulation Of Body Temperature

Many women undergo problems with hot flashes wherein the core temperature rises suddenly, which leads to an imbalance in body temperature. Wearing socks leads to increased blood flow towards extremities and cools down the core by a few degrees. The body's temperature rises steadily during the day, peaking in the late afternoon when people are most awake and alert. During the night, the body temperature drops, making a person sleepy.

The temperature of a person's body drops by 1 to 2 degrees as they fall asleep. This may be due to the body saving energy for other purposes. Wearing socks while sleeping hence may help with your temperature regulation cycles.

What Kind Of Socks Should You Choose To Keep Feet Warm While Sleeping?

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It is suggested that while it is vital to give warmth to your feet, it is never good to overheat them. Therefore, you should avoid wearing too thick or heavy socks as they might make you uncomfortable during the night. Try going for lighter ones that cover your feet well and give a good comfy fit, like the ones available at Soxytoes. You can wear them even during the day as the designs are super innovative and quirky, so your friends will enjoy looking at them too! Therefore, it is best to choose socks that are colourful and made with comfortable material so that you get undisturbed sleep and use these socks while going out. 

Soxytoes has the best collection of funky socks like printed socks for men with the most exciting designs that will catch your eye while shopping. If you are a movie lover and like to watch one before you go to bed, you will love the movie buff socks with popcorn and other colourful prints on them. If you want to jazz up your night with something quirky, go for the amazingly comfy crew socks for women that are available in pretty designs and colours. These also make for very thoughtful gifts to someone who loves sleep more than anything! Socks make you think of home and comfort every time you look at them, and when you want someone always to feel comfortable and loved, you should give them these crew socks for men. People are increasingly going for unconventional gift options like sock gifts nowadays because a gift should always make itself beneficial to the receiver, and Soxytoes socks do precisely that. So head on to the website and shop for some lovely socks for yourself to sleep with!