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The Trendiest Sock Designs In 2021

Black Netflix and Chill high ankle socks

Socks are like the unsung heroes that keep our feet dry and fresh throughout the day. They are the everyday essentials that may not be the number one item on your priority list, but they have a secure spot on that list. Socks are not there to protect your feet, but they also act as a fantastic accessory that binds your whole outfit together. “Comfort coupled with style” is the motto socks serve with every wear! 

To stay in touch with the fashion industry, it is essential to stay updated on the trends! Up your socks game with the trendiest sock designs in 2021:

Floral Knitted Socks

The year 2021 is all about crossing the borders and having fun with different styles and designs that please you. One of the most popular sock designs in 2021 is the beautiful Floral knitted socks. These beautiful creations make any outfit look flawless and give you a fresh and delicate vibe. You can wear them with dresses and pantsuits too! Whether it be your pyjamas or a sophisticated dress, the beauty of nature socks is that they go with anything and everything. 

Funky and quirky printed socks

As we grow up, we are often made to give up on our fun and quirky side to fit in and present a more sophisticated look. We were always expected to keep ourselves simple and plain socks that compromise our outfits. Fortunately, that myth is no more the rule! Funky socks are one of the hottest trends of the year, and people love them! No matter your outfit, they add a certain fun element to the outfit without coming out as absurd. These are the perfect socks for kids as well. Check out the funky and quirky socks collection by Soxytoes and get them today!

Black Incredible sister ankle socks

Lace Socks

Lace has always been a fun way to express fanciness. It is a widespread belief that when you dress confident, you feel confident. Lace socks give you and your outfit a certain edge that allows you to have fun with that sexy dress! They may look unconventional at first, but once you get the hang of them, they just boost up your confidence and add an extra oomph! You can also find lace designs on ankle-length socks.

Athletic Socks

While new sock designs are topping the charts of the trendiest styles in 2021, some vintage sock designs are making a comeback too! Athletic socks were a huge hit in the 90s but somehow got lost in the plethora of trends that came across. Fortunately, they are back in trend, and people are falling in love with them again! You can pair athletic socks, especially those that reach your knees, fashionably with a tennis skirt or basketball shorts. They are not just cute to look at. They are also very comfortable and keep your feet dry all day long by providing good grip!

Black and White Striped yoga socks

Cashmere Ribbed Socks

2021 has a lot of exciting new socks design trends in the bag for us to explore. Cashmere ribbed socks might be the most exciting one of them all! It’s incredibly soft and comes in neutral colours that go with every outfit. They keep your feet warm and well protected and also add a certain sophistication to the outfit without having to do too much. No wonder it is one of the designs of the most trendy socks this year!

Tie-dye print socks

Tie-dye is the technique of creating an innovative print on a piece of clothing by tying it with a string and then dying it with the colours one prefers. For a while, it was practised on just pants and t-shirts, but why limit this trend to them? Like t-shirts and pants, striped socks, tie-dye print socks are a huge hit too that is fun to wear and look at!

Ombre Socks

Just like tie-dye socks, Ombre socks are a popular socks design trend too! It’s their aesthetics coupled with the fun touch of colours that makes this trend even more likeable! They are most popular in colours like blue, orange, and purple. 

Silk Socks

Silk has always been one of the most decadent clothing pieces that effortlessly gives a very expensive look to the outfit and leaves a gentle effect on your skin. It is its elegance that makes it a desirable sock trend design that is becoming increasingly popular.

It is always fun to play and experiment with various trends and wear them in style. Explore these socks trends and flaunt them in style. Want to buy the best pair of socks that keep you updated on the trends? Visit Soxytoes today and check out the exciting collection of amazing socks and face masks to get yourself your favourite pair! Take advantage of their superior quality and out of the box styles and make a valuable addition to your sock drawer. Happy feet - Happy you!