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The Evolution Of The Everyday Essentials - SOCKS

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When it comes to dressing up or counting our everyday essentials - your t-shirts, trousers, mobile phone, and now quirky face masks might be the first must-haves that will cross your mind, but can you imagine going out without a pair of socks? Socks that keep your feet dry and comfortable? No, right! Socks are the unsung everyday essentials that make our day to day activities much more comfortable and convenient. Without socks, it would probably be a fairly uncomfortable day, and your unprotected feet can be exposed to various conditions that can turn out to be certainly brutal, and maybe even fatal! Our socks don't just protect your feet, but are also a fashion accessory today that binds the whole outfit together and gets you noticed!

Here’s to the evolution of this wonderful invention and all its glory!

The first socks - from where it all began

Until the 17th century, socks were referred to as stockings. It is believed that the modern English word ‘sock’ – that was first recorded in the year 1690 - has evolved from the old English word- socc, which was in turn derived from the Latin word “soccus”, which means a lightweight shoe that ancient Greek and Roman comic actors wore. Unlike the cotton and wool socks that we use today, in the 8th century BC, in Greece, socks were made with leather and matted animal hair, called “piloi.” Later, around the 2nd Century AD, the Romans were the first to sew woven fabrics together to produce fitted socks, or “udones”.

The oldest surviving socks are a reddish-orange pair from between 250 AD and 420 AD excavated from Oxyrhynchus on the Nile in Egypt. They were curated with a single thread using the nålebinding technique, which is also known as “knotless netting”. Not just this, they also had split toes to wear Sandals!

Socks are an absolute necessity today, but the case was not so different before either. Socks were so important, alongside gold and jewels, that King Tut’s tomb in Egypt had several pairs of linen socks.

The medieval times

By medieval times, socks had started becoming a fashion statement. On every other step, their priority was greatly emphasized, which encouraged the manufacturers to experiment with sock  styling and produce noticeable socks - something that caught the people’s eyes. Brightly coloured socks were the most prominent fashion choice that was introduced during this time. As trousers started getting shorter, socks got longer and more expensive too! Expensive to the point that by the end of this era, socks started being recognized as a status symbol among the nobility and became highly ornamental.

The industrial period

After establishing its importance in the previous two eras, Socks witnessed a significant change during the industrial period. The introduction of the socks knitting machine in the year 1589 certainly made a massive difference, because it made mass production a reality. As society started progressing, so did socks! In the medieval period, socks were portrayed as a commodity that only the rich could afford, but in the industrial period, with mass production, socks became a god sent gift for the poor. They served a useful purpose, and kept both the rich and the poor healthy and protected from the harsh weather. 

During this period, the “darning” process, the act of mending socks, was also introduced. Since cold feet could lead to frostbites, further leading to gangrene and death, therefore when a sock had a hole it was considered extremely important to fix it within time. 

The modern era

Multicolored Printed Socks

Today the picture is a lot different from where it started, but the purpose behind this invention and its importance remains intact. While in the previous eras socks were worn as a comfort accessory for the feet – mainly to keep them warm and protected; today, socks have evolved to meet different use case scenarios. We have various varieties including athletic, casual, formal/corporate and many others specialized sock types for you to explore and choose from.

Socks are available from crew-length mid-calf socks to as short as no-show socks. There’s an abundance of specially curated choices for all kinds of occasions and conditions by trusted manufacturers and brands like Soxytoes. From noticeable quirky socks to cute ankle-length socks, they have come a long way to revolutionize the socks game!

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