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Elevate Formal Outfits with Printed Socks

Socks aren't what they always used to be, as you might have observed. Consider this: for a long time; socks were merely a way to keep your feet warm—possibly black, most likely ankle-length. Socks are now, at the very least, an integral part of your wardrobe, if not the whole outfit. The rising trend of wearing minimalistic crew socks styled in several different ways is explosive. It has turned luxurious style and fashion into an extravagance that is not limited to fashion models but has become something that each of us can enjoy. You can see many fashion influencers cropping up nowadays, following up with new industry trends because the accessibility of fashion has risen quickly and unexpectedly. Socks can be used not just as a part of your outfit but to make a statement. Even in the formal game, many people are flaunting socks like an essential accessory because it is a piece of garment that quickly catches the eye. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also been indulging in wearing different coloured and printed socks with his formal attire, choosing pointedly themed ones for public occasions. Not only that, many such high profile leaders have been sporting the use of socks besides just an accessory. 

What Kind Of Socks Should You Wear To Go With Formals

Blue dotted high ankle socks

The days of sock drawers stocked entirely with white tube socks are long gone. The same can be said for plain black dress socks. The tradition for men's socks has changed dramatically, whether by bright colours, striking designs, or novelty repeats. You can wear many types of socks that will go with your formal outfit. For example, going sockless is a trend nowadays wherein the socks are not visible above the shoes. You can also go for printed socks for men. But there are specific tips you should follow even while wearing printed suit socks, like matching the pattern of your socks to a pattern in your outfit is not a good idea. For example, avoid wearing dotted socks with a polka dot sweater. Don't wear argyle socks if you're wearing an argyle sweater. Pattern matching can come across as a little too intentional — and not in a good way. As for creating a fashion statement, there is a lot of thinking that goes into it, and pulling it off feels like the best thing ever. If you are thinking of using this newly found information of wearing printed socks with formals, go for the fantastic sock collection on Soxytoes with all the types of colours and designs of printed socks you could want.

What Colour And Pattern Should You Pick?

Purple dotted high ankle socks

Now that you have decided the type of socks you want to wear, if you are going with printed socks, as is the trend, you should be careful about choosing the colour of socks. As for colour, it is recommended to match the colour of your socks to the colour of your belt. This colour harmony ties the ensemble together. If you're already a pro at colour matching, go ahead and follow your instincts. It's only your comfort that matters.

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