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Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide - Socks for Every DAD!

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If you are one to keep track of all the special occasions, you can’t miss Father’s Day, which is just around the corner! Make sure you amaze your dad on this special day with a special surprise to show him your love!  Fathers are the wise oak trees of the family when it comes to giving advice and teaching life lessons. Remind him of his importance in your life with some amazing gifts and a stellar celebration. And if you don’t know what to get, here are some amazing gift ideas for Father’s Day! We have curated the best list of gift ideas for dad that works for every kind of father out there! Whether he is a workaholic, or a sincere dad or a come-what-may movie fanatic, we have the best gifts in store for him to make his day special. 

The “Always in a Meeting” Type Dad

If your dad is someone who is always on his phone on a work-related call or busy working through the weekend, he surely deserves appreciation for his commitment to work. When others are chilling on the weekends or during evenings, he is busy preparing for the next day. But on Father’s Day, give him a reason to celebrate and dress up to give him some cute gifts and lighten his day! If he can’t avoid meetings even on a day like this, you might want to gift him a pair of corporate socks,  action-packed, that will make for a most special gift. They will remind him of you whenever he wears them to work.

The “Health is Wealth” Type Dad

This category is of dads who are always up for a game of tennis or a run or a hike! If your dad is enthusiastic about sports and loves to flaunt some new moves on the court, you can give him some cool sporty socks that are made for athletes! The super cool styles of athletic socks that we offer are a must-have for every sports lover. With a shorter length so that they don’t peek out over your shoes, you can be sure that your dad will love these quirky styles! Here's an informative blog for you to know why healthy socks are important.

The Foodie Dad

If your dad loves exploring new types of food and you always end up tasting his latest dishes, he deserves a pat on the back for doing what he loves. He’s the kind of dad who is always in charge of ordering the food whenever you dine out and his food recommendations never disappoint. Gift him some cool foodie socks that depict his favourite food! Our collection has socks with quirky prints of pizzas, bananas, watermelons and avocado, so his socks will remind him of you and his favourite food, an irresistible pair! These socks are the perfect complement to a weekend outfit for a picnic outside!

The Netflix-Obsessed Dad

Who is one of the coolest dads ever? The one who binges your favourite movies with you and loves making some popcorn! If you have been blessed with such a sweet movie-loving dad, make this Father’s Day special for him by arranging a movie marathon of your favourite picks. And what’s more, add in some movie buff socks that will remind him of his favourite hobby! If he is someone who always gets excited for a movie night on the weekends and has the best movie recommendations, he will love this super cool pair of socks!

Fitness-Freak Dad

Now we all know that you need to exercise regularly for your fitness and health, but if your dad is the action packed version of this, who loves to hit the gym more often than not, you need to give him something that actually helps him work out. He will love the uber-cool Workout socks that will make his gym session a lot more fun! Staying in an enclosed space like a gym for too long and just lifting weights can become a bit dull after a while. Try adding some colour into your workout sessions,and thank us later! It is believed that colours truly do help add motivation to the workout and are a good refresher. 

Stylish Dad

If your dad is a complete trendsetter and loves dressing up for an occasion, this Father’s Day could be an interesting one. Throw him a surprise party that gives him an excuse to dress fancy and flaunt his taste in fashion. When you give him a pair of stylish men’s socks, he will be glad to wear these trendy and cool socks with various styles and patterns like stripes, solids and also ankle-length socks for a subtle look. 

Active Dad

If cycling and going for a mountain hike are some of your dad’s favourite pastimes, you have been blessed with a dad who takes the effort to remain active and work on himself. Such an enthusiastic dad should be appreciated with the best gifts and loads of love. Show him your thoughtful side and gift him these compression socks. They are the perfect gift for him and will surely make his day!

Now you have some useful Father’s Day gift ideas in lockdown, that you can order online from the comfort of your home! Soxytoes offers quick delivery of products, while never compromising on quality. So check out our amazing sock collection and have a lovely Father’s Day!