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6 reasons why adding a little colour to your workout session is important

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Workout sessions can be highly exhilarating and therapeutic on most days. Still, you will encounter a few bumpy days when putting your workout clothes on and running on the treadmill just won't appeal to you. While it's okay to take a break once in a while, if you find yourself in an alarming slumber, colors can fill colors, literally, back into your life!


Here are 6 reasons why adding a little color to your workout session is important:


  1. Gives you something to look forward to

On a bleak day with no room for motivation, it can get extra hard for you to haul yourself to the gym for a workout session. Workouts are, of course, very relieving and can help lift your mood, but you need a pick-me-up to get yourself to exercise too. This is where colours come into play! Colours can be a great source of motivation for you because, with every colour variation, you get the chance to try new things and have something to look forward to. Plus, workout selfies in coloured workout clothes come much better too!

  1. Can be an excellent energy booster

Another important reason why you should add a little colour to your workout session is that they can be an excellent energy booster for you! Colourful socks can be a refreshing change of scenario for you to enjoy. Black is, of course, quite appealing, but there's nothing that can beat a neon pink sports bra, solid color socks, or blue shorts while working out! 


If you plan to start with minimal change, the perfect pop of colour can be colourful socks bought from Soxytoes, India's leading online one-stop socks shop. It will give you a boost of energy for a fun workout session.

  1. Adds fun vibes

It is true when people say that different colours give different vibes. While white and black might look chic, but let's be honest- what's the fun there? You can get grooving on the bench press or while doing the boot camp routine in colourful clothes that match the vibe of the motivational songs playing on the speakers! For a new burst of energy and fun vibes, you need bold colours during your workout sessions. Only that will get the ball rolling for you!


  1. Keeps you entertained

You'd be lying if you denied that you don't enjoy a pair of red biker shots or pink tank tops while working out. Your workout sessions are, of course, meant for you to achieve your best physical self. Not just that, it also helps you channel your inner energy in a much more healthy way, but this does not mean that you should not entertain yourself. Wear different colour socks from Soxytoes or try their cool and funky socks collection to keep yourself entertained even during that 20th push-up!

  1. Can be a great conversation starter

Your gym can be an excellent place for you to socialize and to meet like-minded people. After all, you all came to the gym, so you already have one thing in common- fitness! But to start the conversation and give room for someone else to strike one with you, you need a conversation starter. This is where coloured clothes save your day. They make you stand out and give others an excellent reason to approach you or keep a conversation going. As an added safety blanket, you can also wear cool and quirky socks from Soxytoes to give an everlasting impression. Plus, they are very comfortable and highly absorbent, so they'll keep you dry even through the sweat!

  1. Gets you to challenge yourself

The whole point of working out is to achieve a goal that you've set for yourself. You wish to hit all the target points with finesse. So while going to battle, why keep your armour so bleak? Coloured clothes give you a new reason to challenge yourself while working out. They say yellow is not meant for work out? You prove them wrong AND reach your daily goal too! 


Life is all about trying new things and finding yourself. Colours during workouts bring you a little closer to that goal, and this why they are so important.