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How Are Socks Designed And Manufactured In Bulk

Little importance given to socks. Have you ever thought about how these identical pairs are made? Well, we will take you through a quick journey of how your favourite pair of socks are being made with care just for you. 

Socks can be just another thing, but it goes through many manufacturing processes before it reaches you. Sock manufacturing involves knitting, seaming, shaping, pairing, and relentless quality check. Soxytoes take care of all the quality aspects to ensure you fall in love with your socks. 

Be it sock designs, color, or comfort, equal importance is given to each aspect. With more than two decades of experience in socks making, we are now happy to serve customers in India as well as in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Sweden, and Canada. We have been one of the best sock manufacturers in India that is loved all over the world. 

How do we design our socks?

We understand the gap in the socks industry, and we aim to provide comfy and cool socks that match your style. Our designers bring in designs that suit the purpose of the socks. For example, our range of socks for kids is designed according to the interests of fids. You will find vibrant colours along with toon motifs that keep kids happy. 

Our socks designers follow the market trends and do their research on colors and designs until we manufacture a wide variety of trendy yet comfortable socks that are best for kids. 

Socks based on gender

We have a selective range of socks specially designed for men, women, and kids. Not only that, we segregate our designs further under its usage as well as styles such as classic and novelty. We give our customers no chance to regret it, you name it, and we have it for you. 

Men's socks

Men's socks are available in a wide variety and design. We have segregated them in terms of sports socks for men, formal wear, and casual wear. We also have health socks for men which are super comfortable for diabetic patients and in special cases. 

You can choose from a wide range of designs such as cook motifs, one-liners, and vibrant colour. Comfort is unmatched. You can now order socks to give as a gift to your friend. Just select from a wide range of gift boxes for men and see how he treasures your gift for life.  

Women's socks

Why should women be left out? We have socks that suit all moods, preferences, and outfits. Be it no-show socks for women or athletic socks for women, we have ready stock for all. Our no-show socks are among the best sellers socks and women prefer to wear them with belles and so on. Apart from that we also manufacture crew socks for women, men’s ankle socks, and health socks for women.

We are wholesale sock suppliers too

Socks manufacturing is a task! And not everyone has the infrastructure and expertise to do it. Along with being one of the largest socks manufacturers in India. What helps us grow in the socks-making businesses our unmatched quality and ever-evolving designs. 

What else do we make?

Apart from being manufacturers of socks, we have recently stepped into manufacturing face masks. We manufacture cool face masks for men, women and kids as well. Our line of masks are highly comfortable and come in conventional design. We give special attention to quality which is at par with industry standards. Next, we focus on breathability. We understand that you need something very comfortable on your face in hot and humid weather and therefore, we give our best to manufacture face masks with utmost comfort. 

How do we ensure high quality every time?

We follow a 6 step method to bring you the most comfortable socks ever.

  1. Procuring- Yarn procurement is done only from reputed and quality mills in India to ensure the best-finished socks. 
  2. Checking knitting parameters- Our technicians personally check each production run to ensure quality production of socks.
  3. Quality check for defects- Our experienced quality inspectors, look into each manufactured batch minutely to find any manufacturing defect if any.
  4. Final packaging by hand- We ensure each pair of socks is packed by hand to make it a final checking point for any minor defects.
  5. We are open to suggestions- What makes us one of the best socks producers and sellers is that we listen to our customers.