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Different kinds of socks used for various activities

Socks are a wardrobe essential that is not only multi-purpose but keeps your feet safe. They are not here to keep your feet away from chills only because they are an every-season accessory and even a fashion statement. Undoubtedly, they are a must-have part of your wardrobe, but you might be wearing them wrong. However absurd it may sound, in times of fast-changing fashion, there are many different types of socks out there, and every kind serves a specific purpose. You may wear that one pair from working out to going to work, but that's not how it is supposed to be. It's time to pull up your socks and give this a read to amp up your sock game. 


Well, for starters, there are different varieties of socks out there. The deciding factor for the difference is types of socks length. Popular sock types you might have heard about are no-show socks, ankle-length socks, thigh-high, standard crew socks, but that is not it. You might be acquainted with different types of socks, but knowing when to wear them and utilizing those socks types is equally essential. 




Starting with the longest ones, these types of socks are generally popular amongst women. Originated in Scotland initially, thigh-high socks are here for the people who love to own their style and give out a fashion statement whenever they step out. They come in meshy and flirty fabrics to woolen materials. Everyone can wear them as an extra layer during harsh winters, or one can give out a fashion statement by wearing them under dresses, shorts, and skirts. 




It serves similar purposes to thigh-high socks; these types of sock lengths also serve other purposes. You must have seen them in the hospitality, aviation, and retail industry as uniform. They are like an extra layer of cloth and provide cushioning, so you can also use them during physical activities. Generally, you will see athletes wearing them, but they are also helpful in medical terms. They are beneficial for diabetic people as they improve blood circulation in the feet, preventing blood pooling. To top it all off, they also make a great fashion accessory. You can wear them under your boots or show them off under that skirt or shorts. They will help you with foot discomfort, and they are a must-have in your wardrobe. 




Play with the prints or go solid as versatile as this sock type is, so are its designs. They are also known as calf socks, and you will spot them easily in your wardrobe. They are quite popular when it comes to formal attire in men. Not only men but women also pair them up with high heels and boots to stand out and add that extra fashion statement that makes their outfit look chic. Apart from the formal and fashionable use, they are also suitable for high-intensity physical activities.



This one is super useful and will take off your feet like none other. It is a kind of sock you can wear on your long working days or if you have any feet problem like swelling or pain. They also prevent you from DVT or blood clotting. They help in circulation and prevent heavy, tired feet, making them a perfect partner on painful and long journey days. Compression socks will help you keep fatigued at bay while you make the most of your day.




Welcome the most versatile and popular sock type, crew socks. If you look at your sock drawer carefully, most of them will be crew socks if you are sorting them based on types of socks length. They are not only com-feet-able, but they come in all sorts of designs. You can match your personality with them. From profession to personal use and interviews to hikes, you can carry a pair of crew socks everywhere you go. They are a perfect match for almost every occasion. 




Another popular one, you will find a pair of ankle-length socks in almost everyone's wardrobe. A common choice under sports footwear, ankle-length socks protect you from any kind of shoe bite and blisters while giving your feet appropriate coverage. They are your summer buddy to a workout partner who keeps your feet safe while making you look fashionable. There is a great range available in them, and you can find one for every occasion. Pick a pattern to match your vibe, and wear these with your desired pair of kicks or booties to put a tiny pep in your step!





Somewhere between a no-show and ankle-length socks, low-cut socks look great under sports shoes, sneakers, canvas shoes, and other informal and casual footwear. If you are uncomfortable in no-show socks, then you can try opting for low-cut. You can wear them for a run, to that party under your loafers, on a day out with friends, or under those low-cut sports shoes. They are not only cute and comfortable but cool too, which makes them a great option.




Agree or not, no-show socks are our new BFFs when we talk about types of socks. They will prevent you from any wardrobe malfunction or awkward sock show moments. Slip them under your ballerinas or loafers to create a statement look while being comfortable on the inside, and no one will ever know (pinky promise). Women can wear them formally under their ballerinas, but one should not wear them under regular shoes to the office as they might not look professional because of the no-show factor. On the other hand, they are a great option if you go to an informal party, event, or any other outing and want to wear sneakers, slip-on, or loafers.