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How To Style Your Socks With Heels!

Black Pool Balls socks

Both socks and heels are an integral part of any wardrobe. While heels help make a bold fashion statement no matter what outfit one might choose, socks help keep your feet warm and cosy. Not just that! Socks also help protect your feet and provide a cushiony feeling that leaves a gentle effect on the feet. Wearing footwear for a long time can end up hurting your tender feet and make you feel uncomfortable after a while. Quirky socks from Soxytoes aim to prevent that discomfort and try to contribute towards your best experience.

You might be familiar with the common ideology that socks need to be worn with shoes only. Socks with heels are looked down upon at various occasions, but it's time to break that stereotype and bring a much-needed twist into the socks and heels game! Break the barriers and pair up your funky and cool socks from Soxytoes with your favourite pair of heels and rock the world now.

Need inspiration? Here are 6 different ways in which you can style your socks with your heels:

1. Go Fancy!

Pink coloured donuts socks

Do you often find yourself in doubt when it's time to dress fancy but you also wish to make a statement? Are you a fan of making heads turn with your every look too? Well, the best socks and heels style has to be- Go fancy! 

Just pair your most fancy pair of socks with your most extravagant pair of heels and watch how this combination changes the whole game altogether! To make this look come out even better, it is advised that you try out your thinner, dressier socks. Something glittery or any embellished option will give the best fancy-schmancy look.

2. Keep it Sexy!

Heels are pretty sexy on their own of course! There's a different appeal for heels if they are worn the right way with the suitable options to compliment them. Well, believe it or not, but you can make heels even sexier by pairing them with socks. Try it for yourself! Put on your favourite fishnet ankle socks with your heels and give your outfit that appealing vampire vibe. 

Another good idea is to pair them with a less sultry piece, like a plaid shirtdress that plays down the whole showgirl vibe, and you got yourself a DIY sexy outfit option with socks!

3. Go Matchy- Matchy with your Heels!

Another great idea to pair your heels with your socks is to go classic by wearing a pair of socks that match your heels' colour. It may sound absurd at first, but you've got to try it for yourself first to understand the well-deserved hype.

This style idea is the best way to test the water with the whole heel and socks combination. Prefer using ankle-length socks for this look because with all but one colour to focus on for the eye trick gives an ankle-length boots look!

4. In doubt? Go Bold!

Blue dotted high ankle socks

Do you ever find yourself wondering what you can do to make a bold statement with your outfit that will set you aside from the crowd? We might have the perfect solution for you that you are going to love! The whole socks and heels combination is in itself unique and impressive, but what if you pair your dress with your favourite heels and a set of bright coloured knee-length socks!

This look is truly effortless but makes a bold statement that leaves an impression on everyone. 

5. The peek-a-boo look!

Another great way to try out the funky socks and heels combination is the peek-a-boo look. Sounds complicated? Well, it's much easier than you think! Just bring out your favourite pair of ankle-length heeled boots first. Next, pick out a pair of socks, preferably of the colour that matches your outfit. The last step is to wear both these items but let your socks show a bit on the top and voila! You've got yourself another fantastic style!

To make this look even better, you can wear a pair of quirky socks or cute socks from Soxytoes that will add even more fun to this style.

6. Accessories it right!

The last style idea is to play with your accessories to compliment the heel and socks combination! It is important that the socks with heels pairing looks quirky and eclectic, but it is equally essential that it does not look random. The best way to prevent any fashion blunder is to add a pop of colour with your bag. Further, you should also try coordinating your first layer of footwear in the same hue to pull the whole thing together!

Fashion is all about experimenting and trying new combinations. Try these socks and heels styles and rock all your outfits!