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Here’s How You Can Rock Your Colourful Socks

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Colourful socks may have been looked down upon at some point in the past, but today they are a fashion trend accessory that no one can get enough of. They are not just appealing to look at, but when you style them right, they end up adding more charm to your outfit! Believe it or not, they bring together your whole ensemble. Some might even say, they act like the missing piece of the puzzle on various occasions. No matter what the event may be, colourful socks rock the outfit!

While colourful socks are the trend of the era, a very common question that pops up is- "how to style colourful socks?". Well, here are a few ways to rock colourful socks:

Dressing Casual? Rock the Colourful Socks!

Are you dressing up for a casual event or chill Friday at work? It's time that you let your imagination run wild with a pair of colourful socks! Honestly, when it comes to discussing "how to wear colourful socks?", there are not any strict 'rules'. It is all about how you plan to rock them!

If most of your outfit is subdued and does not have any certain loud pieces, you can throw on a pair of quirky socks with crazy patterns, like the ones available at Soxytoes, and make the outfit a hit!

Go Matchy-Matchy!

Wondering "how to style your quirky, colourful socks?"- Well, we might have a fantastic styling option for you! Just match the socks to your outfit, and you've got yourself a rocking outfit!

Depending on what kind of occasion you are dressing for, like casual, formal, or semi-formal, your socks must reflect the rest of your outfit. While crazier colourful socks are perfect for casual events, on the other hand, when it comes to semi-formal settings- it may still allow for a slightly colourful, yet partially subdued, crazier pair of socks! In the end, while dressing up for a formal event, like a suit-and-tie event, it's best to keep the colour of your socks similar to that of your suit or tie.

Match the colour of your socks to your pants!

Are you looking to curate a more cohesive outfit? Believe it or not, but the best to do that is by matching your socks to your pants! Look for a pair of socks that match the base colour of your pants, or maybe strays a couple of tones away from your pants, for example- if you are wearing blue pants, then put on a pair of blue socks, but if you are wearing beige chinos, then you can pair it up with grey socks too. This gives you a very uniformed look and also appears to be more appealing.

Be careful while choosing the pattern!

Who doesn't like patterns? They are trendy. They make everything look even better. There's hardly any reason why someone would avoid wearing patterned socks! But, if your outfit has other very loud and patterned elements, then you should refrain from wearing socks that are patterned and opt for something simple. If the pattern of your pants clashes with your socks, that can be unflattering to look at. Once you get dressed, don't forget to take a moment and look at your outfit holistically and check out for any opportunities for elements to clash.

Look out for clashing colours!

There's no doubt when it comes to accepting that more bright and colourful socks, like the ones you can buy at Soxytoes, are a lot more appealing than regular, boring socks. While quirky, colourful socks are the norm now, it is essential to note that you should avoid wearing socks that clash with your outfit's colour in an unflattering manner. Mix-and-match is a common trend these days, but cherry red chinos with olive green pairs of socks don't go together. If the colour of your socks ends up clashing too much with the rest of your ensemble, you might end up looking comical.

Avoid showing too much socks!

While it might be tempting to show off your newly bought colourful socks from Soxytoes, be careful of the length you end up showing. The decreasing length of pants is a very popular fashion trend these days, which means showing more of your socks. However, make sure that you don't end up portraying as if your pants are not a good fit. The best way to ensure that your outfit does not look absurd, get your pants hemmed to an appropriate length and that will complement your colourful socks!

Impressed by these out of the box styling ideas but wondering where to buy colourful socks? Soxytoes got you covered! Buy quirky socks online from Soxytoes and rock your colourful men's socks in style now!