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How To Select The Perfect Pair Of Socks!

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Socks may not seem like a luxurious item to you, but they are an essential part of our daily wardrobe. They don't just keep your feet warm, they also protect your feet from external factors and provide a cushioned and comfortable feeling. Socks may not seem like the best gift on occasions like Christmas or Birthdays, but you'd be lying if you denied that finding the perfect pair of socks is truly a blessing from heaven! The right pair of socks don't just provide out of the world, but they also affect how you look and go about feeling the whole day. 

Don't know how to find that perfect pair of socks for your precious feet? Here's a guide on "How to select the perfect pair of socks":


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The first and foremost thing to consider while looking for that perfect pair of socks is to check the prospective socks' material. The material that you select for your socks directly affects its comfort level and performance. These days, Sock manufacturers use several materials like cotton, polyester, cashmere, and wool, while creating these garments. Each material has its benefits, but they have their drawbacks too. While looking for perfect socks for you; you must try out all options and make your choice accordingly. Besides this, making a material choice based on your outfit and weather also plays an essential role in determining comfort. Here are a few characteristics of various socks materials:

  1. Cotton Socks- They are highly absorbent and airy. Cotton socks essentially absorb water and sweat front the skin while keeping you comfortable. However, one of the drawbacks of using cotton socks is that the wetness tends to linger rather than dissipating. Many users might find this irritating; hence, it is recommended that you use them only for a short period of intense activity.
  2. Synthetic Socks- Socks made from synthetic material like polyester or acrylic are quite often the preferred choice of many who like thinner material on their feet. Manufacturers often combine synthetic materials with a natural fabric like cotton to increase the wicking capabilities of the socks.
  3. Silk Socks- Socks made of silk material are quite fancy and are best for formal occasions. They feel extraordinary on the feet, but they come with an equally high price tag too. Other than this, they lack longevity. 
  4. Wool Socks- Wool tends to breathe much easier than cotton, and they also evaporate moisture more rapidly. Additionally, wool socks also keep the feet warm when the temperature drops. The only drawback is that these socks are pretty bulky so many avoid wearing them.


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When trying to purchase the perfect socks for your feet, you must get the right size. Many socks, like ones available at Soxytoes, come in various sizes and ranges. For most brands, the medium socks fit those who have a shoe size upto size 12. If you have a shoe size that is 13 or more, a large size of socks would fit you better. In addition, those who have long or wide feet, socks labeled big and tall are recommended.

Another thing to consider is that the thickness of the socks also plays an essential role in determining how it fits. For example, wool socks are bulky; thus, they should be worn with slightly big shoes.


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When it comes to socks, men and women tend to have a specific preference. While one may choose athletic performance socks, others wear no-show versions of socks. Although this does remain a personal matter, you must know all options when selecting new socks for one to select the perfect socks for their feet. 

Athletic performance socks usually range from a pair of low-cut running socks to moisture-wicking kind incorporated into cotton tube socks. Also, manufacturers often tend to design socks for skiers too that wick moisture while trapping heat.

On the other hand, no-show socks hide all the material within the shoes while leaving the ankles bare. These days many people choose this option because of how they look, especially while wearing shorts. It is highly recommended that you do not wear these socks with sandals, high-tops, or boots because of a lack of comfort.

Other than these options, there are options like Ankle-socks, Mid-calf crew socks, Over-the-calf socks or knee socks, and more! At soxytoes, you can find all these types of socks under one roof in all sizes!


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The last step while choosing the perfect socks is the colour of the socks. It is highly recommended that you select socks that blend with your outfit!

Regardless of which socks you select, at the end of the day, socks protect your feet, and that's the most important thing that matters.