Want to Know About Types of Socks for Men and Women? Jump In!

Want to Know About Types of Socks for Men and Women? Jump In!

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Even though it can seem straightforward, picking the right pair of socks is trickier than it seems. You should know that there are many different kinds of socks, and each one has a unique significance.

Socks have many advantages over only elevating some outfits: they shield our feet from infections, keep them dry, and absorb sweat.

It is crucial to have a full understanding of these various sorts of socks for women and men because individuals have distinct needs that must be met.

Never turn down a pair of socks, and maintain a variety of socks in your collection so you can always put together a stylish ensemble.

Let’s discuss them in detail!

  1. No Show Socks

These types of socks hide inside the shoe, and are also called slip-on socks, no-show socks and loafers or ballerinas (for women.) They are appropriate for warm weather, and as a fashion choice - with sneakers, boat shoes, loafers and ballerina shoes -  when the wearer doesn’t want to show his or her socks, yet wants the hygiene and comfort benefits of a sock.

Since these short socks are prone to slip-off, it is important to check that they have anti-slip silicone grips just behind the heel area.

Men and women can both wear no show socks.

Dog No Show Socks


  1. Low Cut Socks

Commonly worn when it's hot outside, or just for lounging around the home. When worn with a shoe, these socks just peek outside the shoe and thus enable a sophisticated appearance that goes well with all kinds of outfits. You can accessorize your outfit with the color of the elastic sock top of these low cut socks, because the rest of the sock is not completely visible. These socks look great with any kind of low-cut shoes, including loafers, casual shoes and sneakers, and are designed for both men and women.

  1. Ankle Length Socks

These are ideal if you were unsure about what to wear with low-cut shoes like loafers, casual shoes, or simply something to protect your feet. Ankle-length socks, as the name suggests, cover your feet and end just over the ankles. They are ideal for any casual occasion. Since the sock design and colours are easily visible, they also appear classy and stylish.

Ankle socks


  1. Quarter Length Socks

The quarter-length sock is another type of sock that we have on this list. These cozy socks continue past the ankle end just below your calf. They guard against shoe bites on your ankles and feet. They go well with both casual and formal shoes. However, these are not very common as most people prefer either the ankle length or crew length socks.

  1. Crew Length Socks

Crew length socks continue to mid calf height, and are also called Mid Calf Length socks. These socks come up to your calf muscles but do not entirely cover them as the longer ‘Calf length’ socks do. However, these socks don’t allow any skin to show under your trousers. They are traditionally worn in formal and corporate settings. They offer excellent protection and coverage.

Crew Length Socks


  1. Calf Length Socks

Calf length socks, also called over-the-calf or OTC length socks, come up to the end of your calf and entirely cover the calf muscles. Usually worn to keep your legs comfortable during the winter, or for protection during sports like soccer/football, or for medical purposes - for example compression socks are often worn in this length. These type of socks are also offered in net and sheer fabrics for women.

  1. Thigh High Socks

These extend past your knees, and are usually worn by women, with skirts, or by men wearing Scottish kilts. Often they are available in bold designs to inject a little funk into your ensemble. These type of socks are also offered in net and sheer fabrics for women.

Besides these, there are socks made for special use cases like diabetic care socks, compression socks for long travel or sitting at your desk for long hours, grippers for lounging at home, socks for yoga and pilates, waterproof socks, safety socks and foot alignment socks. These are worn for special use cases and purposes. There are also socks designed for sports like football/soccer, cricket, golf, hiking/trekking, cycling, etc.


Your entire appearance can be changed with the addition of socks to your attire. Additionally, they shield your feet from shoe bites and blisters. Therefore, take your time when buying socks.

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