How To Choose The Right Socks Manufacturer For Your Private Label?

How To Choose The Right Socks Manufacturer For Your Private Label?

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If you are looking to get into the custom sock game, then you’ve reached the correct destination!

No matter what kind of bespoke sock you require, it's critical to choose a manufacturer who can fulfill your requirements.

Finding a reliable sock provider raises the same issues for all of us. How can we locate them? What elements must be taken into account?

We put up this manual to assist you in finding the best socks manufacturer in India.

  1. Competitive Pricing

If you negotiate the best price with the producers, your profit margin will increase. We advise you to request estimates from at least a couple of different manufacturers to determine whether the price you are being offered is reasonable. The distinction between private-label manufacturing and drop shipping is that with private-label manufacturing, you can get the product in your custom made designs, colors, features and branding; whereas as with drop-shipping the product is standard and only the branding can be customized. Make sure also that you ask about minimum order quantity, additional discounts for bulk quantities, sampling cost for evaluations, and shipping costs from the factory up-to your warehouse. For international shipping, check also for custom duties and customs clearance charges.

  1. Custom Socks Designs and Colors

When ordering custom socks, it's crucial to take into account the cost of designing, and to check if your selected sock manufacturer is giving you free rein over the creation of your own design and colors. While other businesses will charge an additional price for custom designs and colors, SoxyToes, a leading socks manufacturer, provides a free custom manufacturing service, and can even recommend genuine, brilliant artists and designers who can create your sock patterns. They only charge for making samples, if you first need to evaluate samples before placing the final order.

  1. Product Quality

The quality of the product, and the features offered, is the most crucial factor to consider when looking for a private-label manufacturer. For example, socks can be made from high quality combed compact cotton or poor quality carded semi-combed cotton, and knitted using high quality or low quality parameters with respect to heel shape, stretch, shrinkage, hand-feel, etc. Features such as seamless toe, padding at heel, toe or underfoot, arch support, flex support, soft grip welt, mesh knit, four way stretch, etc. are possible for socks. Other than cotton, there are fabrics like bamboo, quick drying polyamide, lycra, etc. So, it’s important to check what is being offered and select what you need, while rejecting the rest. This gives you the best combination of quality vs. price.

You can conduct research for this on forums or using various eCommerce websites depending on your niche. Instead, you might use directories or lists of manufacturers and suppliers. We will suggest you order a sample of the product before going to market, so you can judge the quality. You can even visit the private label manufacturer's facility to check on the entire production process.

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  1. Shipping Fees and Speed

You should think about the shipping costs that can be associated with your custom sock order before placing your order. Some will offer a reasonable shipping charge, while others will over-charge. And certain sock manufacturers in India also provide free shipping on large purchases. Whichever option you choose, be sure to consider the delivery costs before deciding.

If you need an order quickly, be aware of potential rush fees as well. These can be pricey, but with SoxyToes, there are no extra fees — just the cost of the socks !

  1. Experience

Work with a supplier who has a proven track record and positive client feedback to ensure they can meet your demands.

The best type of communication is face-to-face. You start by demonstrating to them how serious you are about making a purchase from the supplier. Second, you get a better assessment of the manufacturer's proficiency with particular items and the level of quality. Thirdly, you get to know them personally, which can help you decide if you wish to work with them or not. Ultimately, face-to-face meetings increase trust levels and are key to building a fruitful long-term partnership.

If physical visits are not possible, a face-to-face google or zoom meeting is the second best option. But certainly try to connect beyond emails, whatsapps and phone calls.

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  1. Privacy and safety of your designs and concept

There is also a concern about your designs or concept being stolen or copied once you join the market. By exercising due diligence, you can lower the likelihood of this happening. So pick a reputed and reliable manufacturer, who is willing to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.


We at SoxyToes, a socks manufacturer in Delhi, believe in establishing relationships by offering high-quality service and a high-quality product promptly.

We can assist you in getting the best custom socks with your preferred customized sock design and speedy shipping because we are a leading socks maker.

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