Defying Gravity: Techniques to Keep Those Sagging Socks Up All Day

Defying Gravity: Techniques to Keep Those Sagging Socks Up All Day

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On your first day at a new job, you are making your way to the office. Even though you look and feel amazing in your designer clothes, one thing keeps failing you: your socks.

No matter what you do, your socks will sag down your ankles after just a few minutes of wear, exposing the unsightly ankle hair below the hem of your trousers.

What should a fashionable guy do? Accept sagging socks in the hopes that no one will notice your gorilla ankles?

1. Choosing the Correct Size

You might have one or two pairs of socks in your closet that, by any stretch of the imagination, ought to pass the test for anti-slip properties. They are made of high-quality fabric, have the right amount of elastic, and are almost completely new. Why are they slipping, then, and how can you learn to keep your socks up? You cannot avoid slipping if your socks are the wrong size, especially if they are too small.

Size Options
  • One size fits all
  • Separate Small, Medium and Large sizes

There is one major issue that is challenging to solve. Most sock manufacturers offer a one-size-fits-all sock. Theoretically this is fine, but then you often find that the supplied sock is either too small or too large for your leg. This is because of faulty construction and/or poor quality fabric. So, it’s important to choose a sock brand that supplies the right quality of one-size-fits-all sock.

Also, one should keep in mind that a one-size-fits-all sock is not the best solution for very small or very large feet, as the same sock cannot cover that vast area between a tiny, delicate foot and a large, wide foot. If this is the case with you, then find a brand that offers men's and women's socks in small, medium and large sizes!

If you wear the right foot size, the leg will automatically stay up, else it will get pulled down or bunched up when you walk.

2. Choosing the right leg height

Many of us consistently wear socks that are the same length, with few exceptions, whether it's for comfort, style, or habit. We recommend wearing mid-calf socks for all formal occasions, so that even if the sock slides down a little, bare ankles are not visible. For athletic and leisure activities, both above and below ankle height socks are suitable.

3. Choosing a sock with a ‘True Heel’ 

Some poor quality socks are made with an oddly shaped heel which slips down quickly when worn, pulling down the leg of the sock with it. So, choose a sock brand which supplies a high quality ‘True Heel’ sock. This will ensure that your socks stay up!

4. Choosing a slip-on sock with ‘Anti-slip Silicone Grips’  

Slip-on socks, also known as ‘No Show’ socks or Loafer socks or ‘Ballerina’ socks, are especially prone to slippage because of their low construction. So, when buying quality slip-on socks please ensure that they come with anti-slip silicone grips behind the heel or under foot.


5. Using Sock Garters or Hair Bands

If all else fails, you can use sock garters. If you don't want to buy sock garters, a quick fix to keep your socks up is to use an elastic hairband (make sure it is soft and should not cut off your circulation). This will keep your socks in place.

6. Using Sock Glue

We are aware that there is a glue for every situation, but we mistakenly believed that they were all-purpose or generic. You might not be aware that there is "sock glue." Yes, you can buy it to get yourself out of the sticky situation of a sagging garment! The glue is safe for skin and fabrics, and it easily comes off in the shower at the end of the day. Nevertheless, its adhesion is amazing when you're moving. Sock glue can be hard to find, and shopping online or in specialized dance and costume shops may be your only option for buying.

Wrapping Up:

So, choosing the right sock is ultimately up to you. But, if you want to feel like James Bond after a date, opting for a good pair of socks from SoxyToes will get the job done.