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While innovation has in some way or the other tweaked our clothes, our shoes,

even our watches,our ankle-hugging friends have been neglected.

But we're the guys who believe socks need a revolution too.

So, join us in achieving this feat for your feet.



While innovation has in many ways tweaked our clothes, our shoes, our watches, our ankle-hugging friends have remained neglected.

This made sock-preneur Aayush Goenka realize that socks needed a revolution too.

Thus was born the idea of 'noticeable' socks - a transformational, orbit-shifting innovation, which set out to disrupt this previously sober and perhaps boring category.

We started talking about socks 2.0. Better quality, eye-popping designs injected with a lot of new tricks up our sleeves. that's what we're promising to deliver.

So join us in achieving this feat for your feet.


Socks are the fastest growing sartorial category. While our cutting edge designs leverage on colours, patterns and graphics, our key differentiator is that our product design incorporates many emerging international technologies.

We're all about thinking bottom-up


A quirky group of colorful optimists who spread the spirit of fun and funky socks into the world

Founder:Aayush Goenka

With 25 years of experience in the socks industry one can surely call him a socksmith who is confident to pursue a market domination strategy in the 'noticeable socks' niche. all our shark tank ideas come from his entrepreneurial brain.



Spruce up your look to convey the quirky character you normally keep under wraps by opting for some fun designs. Whether you go for argyle, plaid, polka dots, funky aliens, or umbrellas, they've got you covered for all weather and situations. Going to the gym? Grab some ankle or low-cut socks. Heading to work? There are liners as well as no-show loafer socks.

You may need more sober hues for the boardroom but they could showcase more fun motifs. Geometric designs in yellow or parrot green could reflect your inner need for order even as you display your sense of irreverence. Or you can choose to show your true colors in neon! There's plenty to play with whether you buy pairs form their shop or subscribe for a year's supply.

We always like to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends to have our sock game on pint.


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