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Loungewear- The New Go-to Outfit For Work From Home?

Everyone initially has trouble adjusting to the new work from a home life that has been forced on us due to the pandemic. But as there’s no option other than staying at home, we need to find some hacks that make this new life easier. You simply can’t stay cooped up in the home all day while working for 8+ hours while wearing your regular office clothes. It would be incredibly tiresome. But the millennial generation has found an ingenious solution to the work from the home problem- Comfort Clothing! Wearing comfy T-Shirts and Pyjamas has become the norm for the stay-at-home office goer. Without the need for dressing up for the office or having a strict schedule for work, we have had the freedom to dress as we want. We are here for this trend of comfortable clothing that makes your life easier. Slowly but steadily, these loungewear items snuck their way into our shopping carts, and for being so comfortable and light, they might be becoming the new go-to outfit for work from home. So what are some knockout work-from-outfits you can flaunt on camera? We have a list of ways you can style your loungewear and relaxed clothing to appear chic and fashionable.

Comfy T-Shirt with Shorts for a Casual Look

Loungewear is not only comfortable and airy, it is also the most versatile piece of clothing. You can spot people wearing at least one item of relaxed clothing when they are out for an errand or even while boarding a flight! Be it a simple printed T-Shirt, cotton pyjamas or sweatpants, there are numerous ways to spice up those plain-looking outfits with a dash of swagger. Go for the dreamy casual look and pair your comfy cotton T-Shirt with some killer shorts and grab all the attention when you walk into the room. 

Business Casual- The New Trend

Because of the overlapping of work and home environments, mixed outfits are also on the rise, and we are here for this cool look! Pair your regular pyjamas and loungewear clothes with a denim jacket or blazer, and be a trendsetter. You can offset the dark colour of the overcoat or blazer by keeping the colours underneath towards the tonal side, like beige or cream. This outfit gives off a charming and sophisticated vibe and a here-for-business attitude. 

Printed T-Shirts

Nothing says cool and casual more than to wear quirky prints and designs. The best thing about these printed tees is that you can sport them with virtually any piece of bottom wear, and they will enhance the charm of the outfit! If you are planning to stay in all day to work, pair them with pyjamas and immediately feel the comfort to get you into the work mindset. If you need to head out for an errand, switch the PJs for slouchy jeans and look stylish while feeling comfortable. You can pick trending prints or designs with your favourites like a Coffee-printed T-Shirt, Animal printed tees, or Avocado printed ones too! If you enjoy watching a TV Show that you would like people to know, you can also find Ew David T-Shirts with witty lines from the show. Isn’t that fantastic? Shop the latest trends and experience the unreal feeling of comfort with chic.

Crop your Oversized Tee

That loose T-Shirt you have been sporting night and day looks absolutely fine with sports shorts and sweatpants, but if you really want to jazz things up for a hangout with friends or a casual meet-up at home, try this stellar look. Create a cropped effect by tucking the hem of the T-Shirt into a sports bra or even by tying it with a knot at your waist! You no longer have to get out of your lounge clothes for stepping outside when you know smart hacks like this that will make you a fashionista!


No matter what you say, no outfit is complete without accessories. And some plain outfits like loungewear can be completely transformed by adding the right piece of jewellery. Make your attire look extra chic by adding a pair of oversize sunglasses, a gold plated chain, a swanky watch or some chunky shoes. Just watch your daily wear turn into the most stylish outfit for work! 

Regular Pyjama Sets Also Work Like a Charm!

When you are swamped with work all day, you might not feel like styling every part of your outfit. Why not choose a regular pyjama set that looks oh-so-adorable with their soft fabric and printed motifs? When you have a graphic printed cotton tee and cotton PJs that make you feel like you’re on a cloud, you need nothing else. A classic pyjama set works both as a work from the home outfit and also gets you through the weekend, feeling relaxed as ever. Add some loungewear to your cart now and join the world in this latest trend!