9 Sock Superstitions You Ought to Know!

9 Sock Superstitions You Ought to Know!

The term “Superstition” is not easy and may differ from one person to another!

Everything in this world believes to have some sort of superstition and socks are not an exception!

Everyone, from young children to your great-grandpa, loves warm, comfortable, imaginative, colorful, and wild socks! Since cool socks have been worn by humans for thousands of years, they have developed their own special set of peculiar beliefs that go along with them.

Let’s discuss 9 top socks superstitions you should know. 

  1. Inside Out

It is one of the common superstitions that many people still find true. Leave a sock that you unintentionally placed on backward for the whole of the day. It is likely to bring prosperity and peace, according to some people. 

  1. Lucky Socks

Lucky socks, also known as funny socks, come in a variety of styles, and virtually everyone has a favorite pair that they like to wear on special occasions. Sometimes athletes may wear the same socks to every game because of superstition; let's hope they don't go even further and stop washing them!

If you prepare the correct talisman, you can have luck on the football ground in West Africa. For many players, this entails tucking pieces of grass inside their socks.

It is considered lucky to inadvertently put on an inside-out sock, and luckier to inadvertently put on a mismatched pair of socks. You ought to keep them that way for the remainder of the day for better fortune.

  1. Left and Right Socks

Folklore holds that when putting on socks, you should always put on your left before your right, but when putting on shoes, the order is reversed.

  1. Giving Socks as Gifts

A lady in Russia shouldn't offer her husband or lover socks because he might leave! To limit her influence over her son's new family, a Russian wife would advise her mother-in-law to gift her son a pair of socks for the same reasons.

  1. Wearing Out a Pair of Socks

It was formerly thought that the way a pair of kids’ socks or shoes broke, it might tell you a lot about your future. Wearing out the toe first would result in bad luck, but wearing out the heel first would bring about success. 

  1. Red Socks

Red socks with the characters cia xiaorén , which translate to "step on villains," and a small villain on the bottom are common in China. When you give someone a pair for Chinese New Year, they will shoo bad luck away with every stride they take!

  1. More Colorful Socks

Because green socks resemble the color of paper money in the US, wearing them is thought to bring fortune. People claim that putting a penny in your socks before donning them would result in you finding additional cash during the day.

  1. Wearing Socks to Bed

Even without superstition, the wearing of cool socks to bed is a contentious topic. Many individuals in Japan believe that you should never sleep in socks. Because the deceased frequently wear white socks before being cremated, wearing socks to bed is a nod to the deceased.

Another urban legend claims that sleeping with socks on or stocking over your neck will not only make you dream of potential spouses but will also cure a sore throat.

  1. Find Money

Last but not least, according to this superstition, putting a cent in your sock before putting it on your foot would result in you discovering more money on the ground.

Wrapping Up:

Some people believe that wearing a fresh pair of white socks can end a run of bad luck, but we believe that a fresh pair in any color will work just as well. Check out our newest funny socks at  Soxytoes to select a pair that will bring you tons of luck!