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      Your face masks can actually tell a lot about you. Bold, quirky or cute? What’s your personality like? Let the face masks tell your story. While your face masks cover up to half your face, let them reveal other aspects about you.

      Buy Cool Face Masks Online In India

      When it comes to buying the best face masks, undeniably the top priority on our list is to ensure safety. But while we are at it, it doesn’t harm to make it fashionable as well. Shopping for face masks online has increasingly become more of an essential in the ongoing times. And matching our mask with our outfits is thus, the new trend.

      At Soxytoes, we invest all our time in curating the safest face masks for you. And if that was not it, our masks are cool, quirky and everything good! With several variations, be it a good vibes only mask or hustle face mask our unique and quirky designs will raise your style quotient manifolds.

      Buy Quirky & Funny Face Masks Online At Soxytoes 

      With not one but several reasons, our cool face masks have all the potential to prove their worth.

      1. They effectively cover the nose and mouth. Our fun face masks' design ensures full coverage as we understand there is absolutely no compromise with your safety

      2. Each cool mask comes with four-layer protection. A special layer of melt-blown spun-bond filtration fabric ensures extra protection.

      3. The melt-blown filter layer can be removed before washing the face mask and then replaced after drying to ensure hygiene and effective filtration.

      4. You can choose from a range of cool and quirky face mask designs. From funky patterns to bright colours and cool quotes, you can literally find everything here! Pick whatever suits you the best, and make a statement whenever you step out.

      5. We lay antivirus protection on masks that last for 50 washes.

      All masks are FDA recommended and high-quality.

      Best Reusable & Anti Bacterial Face Masks

      Let us now take a look at the range of all cool face mask designs at Soxytoes.

      1. Cotton Face Masks

      Each face mask is made with 100% fine weave cotton and thus is very soft and breathable. The three-protection layer also comes with a layer of the melt-blown filter layer. These unisex face masks are made in a perfect size so that they sit comfortably on your face and you don’t end up tugging at your ears.

      Not to forget, these face masks come in super funky designs. Be it an animal face mask like lazy panda sleeping on your cute pink mask or a quote of ‘good vibes only’ making your yellow mask look even brighter, the smile of joker or a splash of fun emojis; we have a range of face masks that are just too difficult to miss out.

      2. Knitted Face Masks

      These face masks are specially designed for winters and are made from knitted cotton plated with fine polyamide and elastane mesh. The second layer is made from 100% fine weave cotton with another layer of melt-blown filter, which can be removed for washing and reused. Finally, the bottom layer is again 100% fine weave cotton.

      Needless to say, the measurements and designs are perfect for anybody to pick on-the-go and make a statement.

      3. Funny Face Masks Online for Kids

      We know it is difficult to get kids to wear their face masks all the time while they’re out. But knowing how necessary that is, these face masks online are only made for kids to love. The designs are unique and playful, perfect for any kid. The measurements of Kids face masks are ideal for full coverage. 

      Made with four layers of protection including two layers of a thick cotton-spandex blend, and two layers of melt-blown spun-bond filtration fabric; these masks ensure softness, breathability, and safety for your children.

      What Else Can You Find At Soxytoes?

      Well, it is all in the name! Our most lovable product of any outfit is a good pair of socks. We design socks that stand out from the old-fashioned socks that were merely an unnoticeable piece of clothing and hardly caught any attention. Men, women, kids, you ask? Yes, we have them all covered.

      At Soxytoes, our joy lies in customer satisfaction. We are all about fun and quirk, which is also evident from our designs throughout our products. This is why we have combined the best of our products to make the perfect gift for father's day, mother's day gifts and Raksha Bandhan gifts online. We also have the best collection of womens loungewear. Our agenda is to add more colours to the world because we believe, metaphorically or literally, that we all need colours in our lives to put our best foot forward.

      We own up to the fact that we sell one of the best face masks online. So, if you are looking for cool face masks in India, now you know just the place to go to.

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